Secretary Kerry Says Climate Agreement Is Unenforceable

Secretary of State John Kerry hailed the Paris climate agreement as “a victory for all of the planet and for future generationsaccording to the Washington Examiner posting “Kerry says Paris agreement crafted to avoid Congress”.

How did he avoid the US Congress?  

Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday the climate agreement reached this week in Paris did not contain any enforcement provisions because Congress would not have approved them.

“It doesn’t have mandatory targets for reduction and it doesn’t have an enforcement, compliance mechanism,” Kerry said during an interview on “Fox News Sunday.”

“Binding legal requirements would have made the Paris agreement a treaty, requiring approval from two-thirds of the Senate. Because no climate change measure could close to the high bar in the chamber, the Paris deal was written to avoid it.”

Nice work Secretary Kerry. An unenforceable climate agreement is going to save the planet.  Actually being unenforceable is probably a victory for the planet, but not in the same sense that Kerry is claiming.   Unenforceable provides hope for the poor.  Fossil fuel electrical power plants may now be in their future.

The Secretary has crafted another unenforceable agreement regarding Iran’s nuclear program.   In just one year, the Secretary has crafted two unenforceable victories for the planet. Certainly this is some kind of distinction.


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