Producing More Greenhouse Gases Than Climate Agreements Block

The American Interest posting of “A Manufactured ‘Success’ in Paris” reviews the fact that the Paris meeting agreement fails to accomplish what the greens had hoped for and in fact may even set back the movement. For example, the money fund part of the agreement does not mention the number $100billion and as we know, there are no mechanisms to make the developed countries actually produce this kind of money. The authors of the posting, Walter Russell Mead and Jamie Horgan suggest that could produce a set back:

Developing countries can and will excuse their inaction by pointing to the absence of that $100 billion slush fund, and, in any case, the governments of many developing country are surprisingly indifferent to the views of first-world NGO scolds.”

 Read the complete posting because it lays out the Paris agreement ‘s lack of real success and some thought on the future of their effort.

 I really liked the authors’ views when they said this:

There will no doubt be many follow-ups, jet-setting conferences in many more attractive destinations, and climate diplomacy will continue to produce more greenhouse gasses than climate agreements block.”

 We have been saying that for some long time. There were, by some estimates, around 40,000 people attending this conference.   When they begin to do their meetings using Skype, I will take them more seriously.



One response to “Producing More Greenhouse Gases Than Climate Agreements Block

  1. Chuck: Thank you for your keeping me in touch with the facts. Ed

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