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The Basis for a Significant Amount of Global Warming Research has become Untethered from the Real World.


On November 30, 2020 Roger Pielke, jr  posted “The Unstoppable Momentum of Outdated Science”. It was subtited : “Much of climate research is focused on implausible scenarios of the future, but implementing a course correction will be difficult”.  

It is almost a year and a half since posting but the problem still exists. 

EVs are Evil

I am rebloging a posting by Issues & Insights titled:

“Its Time to Admit IT:EVs are Evil”.

The authors zero in on these issues:

  • They are not Zero emissions.
  • They are not cheaper to operate.
  • They are built with slave labor.
  • They are environmental rapists.

To read it as I & I wrote it click here.