Climate Change Sanity is a blog which reviews recent scientific findings relating to the causes of climate change.    I am convinced that climate change correlates to the Sun’s activity.    CO2 seems to correlate poorly with climate change.

I am not a climatologist.   I am a registered professional engineer.  I worked for a major chemical company for 38 years in various capacities with my final years as the engineering manager for a major profit center.  For 10 years following retirement, I worked as a consultant.

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  1. This is great!!!!!!

    Thanks! I will send this to my friends.

  2. Martha Durham

    I am adding this to my favorites.

  3. I enjoy reading your posts.

    If you would take just a slight piece of criticism–the terms in your subtitle, “Climate change is primarily a natural phenomena!” do not agree, and they should to be grammatically correct.

    To be grammatically correct, It either should say,
    “Climate change is primarily a natural phenomenon”
    “Climate changes are primarily natural phenomena”

    Of course, the word “phenomena” is plural, meaning more than one phenomenon. Many people get them confused. But, that is why your subtitle is awkward. It can be cleaned up with either of the two options above, and probably nobody will notice (except, possibly, for some others who have been privately bugged by this minor faux pas.

    I usually don’t criticize grammar, writing syntax, etc., but this little mechanical piece of picayune disagreement keeps me from forwarding your articles to some of my believer friends (and I’d like to forward them). Especially as AGW is crumbling, some of them are looking for any reason to discredit sources of dissenting information. Just for whatever it’s worth. It’s an easy fix.

    Keep up the good work!
    p.s. This is just betwixt you and me–I do not expect you to post this note publicly.

  4. Thank you for giving dissenting views in the climate-change debate a forum. I don’t think there’s nearly as much consensus about climate change as the IPCC would lead us to believe!

  5. Cb, Just think how your children and grandchildren are going to remember your contribution to this important issue! Shameful. I don’t know how much you get paid for shilling for fossil fuel companies, their front groups, lobbyist, or worse yet, ‘social media advocates’ – but it’s not enough. I advise you to put all of your retirement money into Peabody Coal [NYSE:BTU]. You will be handsomely rewarded.

    Bob Bobby (BB)

    • The only connection I have or have ever had with any fossil fuel company is that I PAY THEM for gasoline, coal (as converted to electricity), natural gas, oil and kerosine. I have many science and engineer friends that are skeptics. And they are not being paid by fossil fuel companies. I also know several very prominent skeptics and they are not in the pay of fossil fuel companies. You have fallen for a canard. Using ad hominem is the last resort of those who are unable to provide convincing defense of their theories. By the way, my children are as skeptical as I regarding the theory of catastrophic man-made global warming. You obviously have not read my recent posting “Neil deGrasse Tyson is wrong. Skeptics know science better than warmers”

      I think that very few of the leaders in the catastrophic warmer group have ever had to put their name on something that, if wrong, could cause serious injury or death. It is easy to make assumptions and use them to make predictions if there are no consequences. My name was on many things that required that I used provable science. We skeptics do not take science anyway but seriously.

      If I were you I would be careful of calling someone shameless.

  6. Hi cbdakota or Richard F. Cronin,

    I suspect cbdakota is an alias for Richard F. Cronin whose article about the myth of the man caused ozone hole in the stratosphere over the Antarctic continent in the spring was recently posted at http://principia-scientific.org. But I am confused because I cannot find a recent posting here.

    I made a comment about this article at PSI before i tried to read further.

    You will have my email address and I prefer a private chat to get to know someone and to see if you want to get to know me. From your article and my comment we already know something about one another. And I like you, do not take science anyway but seriously and I know I need a partner to help me.

    Have a good day, Jerry L. Krause

  7. cbdakota;
    I have added your name to a list of people/organizations I will be sending an email to. You are on the right set of rails; CO2 has little to do with the recent global warming.
    Art Krugler

  8. why do engineers love to think they’re smarter than they are and talk about things they clearly don’t know enough about

    • Well Anon, I don’t have an answer.
      I have no gauge for measuring how smart we engineers are, so I can not evaluate what level we think we are smarter than we are. Nor do I know what are the things about which we engineers don’t know enough about. Aways a serious handicap– a cross to bear.
      My only defense is that though the years I found that the engineers had to find ways to make things work. And they had to do it recognizing eventual cost, time to accomplish the end, and do it safely. Things that big ideas makers sometimes ignore or perhaps are not as smart as they think they are or don’t know enough about. What ever.
      My newest one, Part 7 has a lot of my opinions in it. Possibly some are wrong. But I am sticking to them although they maybe………etc.

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