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Chevy Volt Battery Fires

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is conducting a “formal safety defect investigation” into the Chevy Volt’s battery.  Two fires occurred following crash tests.   GM says that the fires started long after the car and battery were crashed.  They added that this does not reflect a problem with the car but rather the protocol used to deal with batteries after a crash.

I think that GM is probably right but people need to know that if leakage from the battery occurs, there is a fire potential.  GM needs to broadcast widely how to handle the problem so as to prevent fires from occurring.


To Maintain Their Integrity, Scientists Need to Become Skeptics

If the first release of Climategate emails in November of 2009 wasn’t enough to convince people that a small group of superwarmer scientists have been advancing the theory of man-made global warming through manipulation, this newly released batch (generally called Climategate 2) should convince them.

First of all, why should anyone care if this “small” group of superwarmers is doing bad things?  The reason is that this small group controls the dialogue on this subject. It manipulates the data to comply with their point of view; it writes the critical parts of the IPCC reports; it decides what is published and what is not published; and, it punishes scientists and organizations that don’t toe the line.  While we are being squeezed financially, they are pulling in millions of dollars in grants and honors.

The people that need to step up and put an end to this charade are the good and descent scientists that have been taken in by the superwarmers.   They suffer from a confirmation bias that has to be pretty hard to sustain these days of no global temperature rise, falling sea levels and all the climategate email revelations, just to name a few things.   These scientists must stand up against the blind allegiance that their professional societies maintain to catastrophic man-made global warming theory.  Certainly there are enough reasons for them to become skeptics.   They should be comfortable in saying that until there is more proof and open discussions of the science of the global climate, they no longer are going to support the  warmer supergroup.  Until that happens, the media will continue to uncritically pass on to the public anything the superwarmers tell them because they always use in their defense “almost all scientist agree with the supergroup”.

By the way, for those of you are under the impression that members of the warmer supergroup have been investigated and exonerated, you need to read up on this and you will learn that the exoneration was predetermined.  For one good read on this, see here.


Son of Climategate-New Emails Released

Just released are a new batch of emails from that group of global warming alarmist matching those released two years ago.  These new emails show the same pattern as before—  manipulating data (“hiding the decline”);  not allowing anything that did not conform to their theory of global warming get into the IPCC climate report;   intimidating Journals to prevent them from publishing studies that refuted man-made global warming; and destroying or concealing data/ correspondence requested by Freedom Of Information Acts.

The irony of this new release is that the “scientists” claimed that the first release was theft and asked the police to find the guilty party.  The police are said to have accumulated about 250,000 emails  during their investigation. The police have just released 5000 of them!!!  Maybe the police thought the bigger villains were the writers of these email.

Several posting have lifted some of the emails from the list of 500.  To get a look at these, check out these sites.  Here, here and here

Keystone Pipeline Delayed For Campaign Contributions

Several months ago, I wrote about the current Administrations efforts to sink coal, natural gas and oil.  They are still planning to do that. Today the Obama Administration announced that they needed more time to ponder the question of the Keystone XL pipeline that will bring Canadian crude oil to the US where we would refine it and market it.  They have studied this issue for 18 months without making a final decision.  The Washington Post’s publication said today: President Barack Obama was caught between a green and a blue place on the Keystone XL oil pipeline — the environmentalists who insisted he reject the proposal in order to earn their support in 2012 and labor unions excited at the prospect of jobs.

On Thursday, Obama’s State Department punted a verdict on Keystone until 2013, and while his administration is busy claiming the decision has nothing to do with politics, try telling that to everyone in Washington.   

The Politico gave the reason: Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune had recently told reporters Obama’s decision on Keystone would “have a very big impact” on whether the nation’s largest environmental group funnels resources more toward congressional races rather than the race for the White House.

To read more of the story click here.

The following excerpt is from my posting  Obama Plans to Nationalize the Energy Companies

Classic wrong headedness is illustrated by diddling over access to Canada’s rich tar sands.  From the IBD posting “China has its eye on Canada’s oil”:

Together, the U.S. and Canada have enough oil and natural gas locked up in shale formations, tar sands, Alaska, the Canadian Arctic and the Outer Continental Shelf to make OPEC pound sand. But we won’t drill for ours and apparently; we don’t want Canada’s.

With more than 170 billion barrels, Alberta has the world’s third-largest oil reserves, behind only Saudi Arabia and Venezuela and ahead of Russia and Iran. Daily production of 1.5 million barrels from the oil sands is expected to nearly triple to 3.7 million by 2025. The only question is, will this crude be flowing south to U.S. refineries or west for export to China?

At issue is the Keystone XL pipeline, parts of which have already been built, that would bring Alberta oil to Texas Gulf Coast refineries. The pipeline also could transport oil extracted from shale formations in the Rocky Mountain West.  The U.S. Geological Survey estimates the region, dubbed the Persia of the West, may hold more than 1.5 trillion barrels of oil, six times the proven reserves of Saudi Arabia, and enough to meet U.S. oil needs for the next two centuries. By 2015, oil executives and industry analysts say, the oil-rich lands of the West, including North Dakota’s booming Bakken formation, could produce 2 million barrels a day, more than the pre-Deepwater Horizon production rate in the Gulf of Mexico.

Environmental groups oppose Keystone XL on the grounds that tar-sands extraction harms the environment through water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and potential pipeline leaks. The State Department, which must approve any pipeline entering the U.S. across international borders, has withheld its approval pending a final decision Nov. 1.  The Chinese aren’t waiting. Sinopec, a Chinese state-controlled oil company, has a stake in a $5.5 billion plan to build the Northern Gateway Pipeline from Alberta to the Pacific Coast province of British Columbia. Alberta Finance Minister Lloyd Snelgrove met this month with Sinopec and CNOOC, China’s other big oil company, and representatives of China’s banks.

While the U.S. dithers with concerns about “dirty oil” from Alberta’s rich tar sands, energy-hungry China makes Ottawa an offer it might not refuse. Memo to Washington: Pipelines can run west as well as south.

Some of you maybe saying, if you have read this far,  ‘well we have to get off fossil fuels before the Earth experiences a catastrophe from man-made global warming’.  I don’t know how much attention you have been paying to this subject but the Global temperatures have not been increasing for the past 10 to 13 years! The temperature is not rising while at the same time, the boogeyman in all of this controversy, atmospheric CO2 content has been increasing throughout this period.  Just so you don’t think I have invented the idea of a decade or more of flat temperatures, those that favor the theory of man-made global warming agree. Last week, Greenwire published the thoughts of the major warmer scientists  (Hansen, Trenberth, Santer, Solomon, Wild, etc.) about the fact that the temperature is at a standstill.  They are at a loss to explain why the temperature is not rising.  They have many theories but no answers. Some in that group are beginning to see that the quieter-than-usual Sun may be the real reason.    To see the Greenwire story, “Provoked scientists try to explain lag in global temperatures” click here.


Fisker’s Karma Hybrid Gets Range Test

The Fisker Karma hybrid is a good looking car but perhaps beauty is only skin deep, as the old saying goes.

 This baby weighs in at about 5000 pounds. It is 16.5 feet long and has a 403 hp powerplant.  It costs $96,000.  EPA uses “inside volume” to determine the class and because it has less than 100 cu.ft., it is categorized a “Subcompact”.   The EPA fuel rating is 52 mpg-equivalent combined city and highway driving and it has a range on a full battery charge of 32 miles!!!!

The gasoline driven generator come on when the battery is exhausted,  and then it is rated at 20 mpg.

Fisker is promoting the test results they got using the European regulatory body TUV.  (It is said that their ratings are typically twice the EPA ratings.)  The TUV proclaimed the range 51.6 miles equivalent on electric-only mode.



Volt Outsells Leaf in October

The October sales for the Volt were 1108 and the Leaf were 849.  The last time this year that the Volt sold more than the Leaf was March.  The year-to-date figures are: Leaf—8066 and Volt—5003.

It is reported that Nissan and GM are targeting 10,000 sales for their vehicle—-about 2000 total or 1000 each month, November and December for the Leaf.   The Volt needs to average 2500 per month to meet the GM target.  Probably not going to happen.


DOE Ownership Cost Calculator–Cruze beats Volt

Using the new DOE cost calculator, the Chevy Cruze is a better buy than the Volt.

The chart above considers operating cost plus initial investment, expected depreciation and cost of maintenance at today’s prices.   The Volt does beat the Cruze when calculating only the cost of fuel.  The DOE uses a 2011  purchase price for the Volt at $40,280 and the Cruze at $18,125.  To make your own comparisons,  click here.

To read additional information, click here.