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Dark Ages Redux-Green Jobs?


Marc Sheppard’s American Thinker blog titled “A Desperate Obama Tries to Sell Cap-and-Trade as a Jobs Bill”  makes a number of excellent points about how this is not a jobs bill.

“Now, make no mistake,” Obama assured us yesterday, “this is a jobs bill.”

Now Obama tells us that the bill “will make possible the creation of millions of new jobs.” Yet according to Indiana Republican Mike Pence’s floor speech this morning, the ever-changing bill makes provisions to aid the millions of Americans it puts out of work.  And that same Heritage study suggests that figure may reach as high as 2.5 million.

In January, the president held out the energy policies of Spain as a shining example of how successful a “government-aided” cap-and-tax plan could be.  But in reality, a “green bubble” inflated by a perpetuating yet unsustainable cycle of Spanish government subsidies for “green jobs” resulted in a net loss of two traditional jobs for every green one created.  And, not unlike Obama’s “shovel-ready” construction jobs, the majority of the Spanish “green” jobs were temporary in nature, further decimating the Spanish workforce as they phased out.  And as the Spanish government continued to pump more money into inadequate power sources, energy prices skyrocketed, driving industry to cheaper ground in other countries.  As a result, Spain’s unemployment rate now stands at a staggering 18 percent.

Yes, it appears to be a jobs bill,  but the jobs created are going to be in China, India, Mexico and Brazil and in the other countries that do not enact Cap and Trade legislation. To read the full blog, click here

George Will also weighs in on Obama’s claim that Spain shows that lots of green jobs are going to be produced by  Cap and Trade legislation.  For Will’s comments click here

Chu’s Proposal to Paint It White

The link below is an informative PDF discussing Mr Chu’s proposal to paint everything white and save the planet.  It is from Science and Public Policy.   Christopher Monckton writes special items for this group as well as a monthly summary of the science of global warming.  He repeats his charts from his monthly summaries  which illustrate IPCC forecasts versus  actual global temperature, sea level,  CO2 in the atmosphere, Ice extent in both the Arctic and the Antarctic, ocean temperature, etc.   see