Monthly Archives: September 2014

A Tour Of The International Space Station

International space stationimagesSuni Williams, the Commander of the International Space Station, takes you on a video tour.  The tour includes where they work, sleep, eat, and exercise.  The “orbital outhouse” use is explained.  EVA equipment is demonstrated.  This video was taken the day that Williams was returning to Earth in the Russian Soyuz vehicle.  Looks like working there is a great experience, but if you are claustrophobic don’t apply. Click here to take the tour.


What Did The Hubble Telescope Find In 2003?

hubble telescopeimagesThe Hubble telescope photographed the most distant objects ever, some 13 billion light years away during a 4 month period in 2003.  This is old news and some of you know about this event.  But even so it is worth seeing it again.   Click here to see the show.