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Increasing CO2 emissions are not causing Global temperatures to rise.

Average global temperatures did not rise for 12 years, 2002 to 2014. In the next several years, two big El Ninos, natural phenomena, bumped global temperatures up. But since then, the global temperatures have declined and seem to be plateauing as they did in the 2002 to 2014 period. Then as now, CO2 concentration is continuing to rise without commensurate rise in global temperatures.

Also, there is a new study that says man made aerosols have decreased significantly since 2000. Because aerosols are believed to reflect the sun’s rays, preventing them in reaching the Earth’s surface, the reduction in aerosols should result in increasing global temperatures.

One could conclude that increased CO2 is not very effective in raising temperatures and further some thing else is causing cooling despite the reduction of aerosols.

The posting “Global temperature hiatus may not have ended after all, new study suggests” by Net Zero Watch can be viewed by clicking on the link. It expands this argument and shows the global temperature from 2000 to the present. 


The German Renewables cannot make Enough Power without Fossil Fuels.

Let us examine the results of the German plan to be rid of fossil fuels. They have recently lost Russian natural gas when Putin closed the valve.  So how is that working out:

 From the Manhattan Contrarian  posting “Great Idea For U.S. Energy Policy: Let’s Follow The Example Of Germany!:

But hang on a second. After more than a decade of a crash program to build wind turbines and solar panels, doesn’t Germany have more than enough of them to supply all of the electricity it could ever possibly use? You would think so, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. According to the U.S. Energy Information Agency, in 2020 (latest year given) Germany used 500,000 GWh of electricity, which would mean that its average usage (divide by 8760) was about 57 GW. Its peak usage (according to Montel) is about 100 GW. So if it had dispatchable generation resources (fossil fuel, nuclear, hydro) of about 120 GW, Germany should have a more than sufficient 20% margin and plenty of electricity. Instead Germany has vastly more generation capacity, 248 GW (again from the U.S. EIA for 2020). Of that, 54 GW is solar and 62 GW is wind, a total of 116 GW between those two, well more than its entire peak usage, and more than double average usage. But you can’t count on any of it when you need it. The small amount of nuclear (8 GW) is on the way out. So they can’t get rid of the natural gas as backup, and with fracking banned in their own country and also throughout Western Europe, they are left completely dependent on natural gas from Russia”.

On September 18, Germany’s wind electricity production, according to the Electricity Maps app, was about 20 Gwatts ,   But on September 21, the wind is producing only about 2 Gwatts.   And we know that solar cells can only make electricity when the sun is shining.   

Nowhere is there an example of a nation operating successfully on wind turbines and solar cells without backup.  And those that have tried, have been failures. Germany by reputation, should be a nation,  if it is possible, of making renewables successful  without fossil fuel backup but they cannot.    

Do you think your legislators and mainstream media understand this or are they just planning to ruin the USA?  Great Reset anybody?

And the beat goes on.

Despite Europe’s mess they have made, and particularly in Germany, the “European Investment Bank Head Rejects NatGas Funding for African Countries”.    The Bank’s President, Werner Hoyer, insists that the Africans must not use natural gas in their plans to provide electricity for their citizens.

The African nations will be unable to meet their countries electrical energy needs  that are dependent on the unpredictable wind and sun sources