Son of Climategate-New Emails Released

Just released are a new batch of emails from that group of global warming alarmist matching those released two years ago.  These new emails show the same pattern as before—  manipulating data (“hiding the decline”);  not allowing anything that did not conform to their theory of global warming get into the IPCC climate report;   intimidating Journals to prevent them from publishing studies that refuted man-made global warming; and destroying or concealing data/ correspondence requested by Freedom Of Information Acts.

The irony of this new release is that the “scientists” claimed that the first release was theft and asked the police to find the guilty party.  The police are said to have accumulated about 250,000 emails  during their investigation. The police have just released 5000 of them!!!  Maybe the police thought the bigger villains were the writers of these email.

Several posting have lifted some of the emails from the list of 500.  To get a look at these, check out these sites.  Here, here and here

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