Fortunately, The Paris Climate Talks Appear To Have Failed

The bluster emanating from the Paris climate talks challenges the Potemkin Villages as the biggest attempted cover-up of the real facts on the ground in history. The agreement produced only voluntary caps on CO2 emissions; only voluntary transfers (reparations really) of money from the 1st world to the 3rd world); and reporting of emissions and international oversight do not exist. Further more, neither China or India will cut back their expected increase in CO2 emissions as they plan to serve their citizens first.
The Paris climate leadership acknowledged that even if the emission cuts would take place as promised, their arbitrary goal of holding the global temperature rise under 2C would not be achieved. President Obama flew a 500+ army to Paris. All they accomplished was to spend our money and a lot of CO2 emisssions.

The President, however, will claim he must have the money to pay reparations to the 3rd world countries and laws enacted to shut-down our industry to reduce CO2 emission. The science is not settled. Why wreck our economy and put our people out of work when there has been no significant rise in global temperatures for almost 19 years and polar ice is increasing.


One response to “Fortunately, The Paris Climate Talks Appear To Have Failed

  1. Winston Churchill once said democracy is the worst of all political system except for every other one .what I think he meant was the biggest problem is that with democracy what is most important is popularity not doing what is right and that is what has been going on in Paris ,a bunch of populist. Polly’s being seen to do something not because it’s right but because it will get them vote’s . lastly a quote that somes up Paris , ” be very afraid of the tyranny of the noble cause ”

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