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Climate Debate And Pope Francis’ Encyclical On The Environment

A debate about the theory of catastrophic man-made global warming (CAGW) took place recently between Carol Andress, of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and Marc Morano of the Climate Depot Blog. The EDF website lists Ms Andress as having expertise in “Climate Change, U.S, Congress, air quality and U.S. climate policy”.

There are two themes during this debate; one is the credibility of the science supporting the CAGW and the other is Pope Francis’ expected papal encyclical on the environment.

The first theme was entirely won by Marano. This has been the consistent outcome of these debates between warmers and skeptics.   It is difficult for skeptics to get a warmer to debate anymore.  Because Ms Andress is considered an expert by the EDF, I am  further persuaded  that the EDF, as an organization, is weak on science as are most of the environmentally focused NGOs.  While nothing Ms Andress said with regard to the second theme was persuasive, the Pope appears to have been taken in. There is little likelihood at this point that he will change his mind.

Watch the debate on this YouTube video–it will initially open up with what looks to be another topic, but give it several seconds and it will switch to the debate.  The total time for the debate is about 15 minutes.




















Global Warming Not Causing Honeybee Colony Collapse

So “global warming” is not killing the honeybees.  So much for another panic announcement by the Alarmists.   It seems that there are a number of reasons for high levels of bee deaths (Colony Collapse Disorder) and the latest find is a little fly that bores into the bee.  It causes the worker bee to leave the hive and then die.  On average, 7 days later larva emerges from the dead bee.  The study

“A New Threat to Honey Bees, the Parasitic Phorid Fly Apocephalus borealis” has been posted on the website and the abstract can be read by clicking here.  Two photos from the study are shown below:

Parasitic Fly on Bee –above

Larva Emerging From Dead Bee–below.

Studies of Colony Collapse find that parasites and fungal diseases as well as pesticides are also partially responsible for the bee deaths.

Perhaps you remember that frog deaths and malformations were also said to be caused by global warming.  Now it seems clear that it is flukes, unrelated to global warming, that are largely responsible for these deaths and malformations.  See here

It is well known in the scientific community that if you say the problem is caused by global warming, there are monies available from our government and environmental advocate associations for the researcher to continue studying this “alarming” discovery.   But this could result in destruction of the researcher reputation when real scientist determine the actual cause.  Think Michael Mann.