Snow Fall Extent in the Northern Hemisphere is the Highest in 56 Years

The severe weather forecast Europe says we are likely to have a cold early winter.  The blog authored by Renato R Colucci, makes these forecasts: (click to enlarge charts)


“Snow Extent in the Northern Hemisphere now Among the Highest in 56 years Increases the Likelihood of Cold Early Winter Forecast both in North America and Europe.”

“Snow extent in the Northern Hemisphere at the end of November represents an important parameter for the early winter forecast. This year snow extent is running much higher than average and according to existing global estimates, it is now beyond the highest ever observed so far. Winter forecast, especially in its early phase and in Europe, might be strongly influenced by such a large snow extent, although many other factors need attention.”  (My emphasis on sentence,)

The posting also shows that fall snow extent is increasing lately. The following charts show the trend.

Real data is again conflicting with the Alarmists forecasts of an apocalypse.

Anyone want to bet if some “scientist” will try to show that this is due to global warming,

The blog can be read in its entirely by clicking here.


2 responses to “Snow Fall Extent in the Northern Hemisphere is the Highest in 56 Years

  1. Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:
    “Global Warming” gives you a licence to lie.

    ❄️“END of Snow?” @NYTimes (2014)
    ❄️“RESORTS could lose up to 40% of snow by 2020” @CSIRO (2003)
    ❄️SNOW “will become a very rare and exciting event. Children just aren’t going to know what snow is” Dr. David Viner (2000)
    ❄️“DECREASE heavy snowstorms” @IPCC_CH (2001)

  2. As we have discussed, Chuck, the tremendous amount of moisture launched from the oceanic trenches and tectonic fracture zones east of Papua New Guinea will drive our weather for years. The Southern Hemisphere will witness almost continuous wet and flooding conditions, while the Northern Hemisphere will swing between ample precipitation in winter, floods in the spring, and dry conditions at the mid-latitudes through the summer. La Niña caused by Earth’s Milankovitch cycles and tidal pumping from the Sun out to Jupiter.

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