Computer Predicted Global Temperature Show Man-Made Global Warming To Be A Lie

Frankly, I don’t get it. The actual data is ignored by dedicated warmers.  In the period that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been the warmer’s authority on all things related to climate science, the forecasted temperatures have greatly exceeded the actual recorded temperatures.  All one must do is look at the following chart:


The forecast temperatures, generated by a banks of computers, are well above the measured temperatures.  The satellite and balloon actual measurements confirm one onther, And the carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is higher than the warmer computer operators expected so the gap between real and computer forecast temperatures should even be greater.  If this gap had only existed for just several years, one might say that we should wait a while because It might possibly start to get smaller. But that is not been the case. As the years go by it has grown larger.  The chart shows the satellite and balloon temperatures  as rising in this chart. That was caused by the El Nino. Those temperatures are now trending down.  Overall, the measured global temperature as shown is rising, but this is  due to natural forces with only a minimal amount due to CO2.     

Temperature is the driver for their forecasts of all the catastrophic thing they imagine will happen.   Melting glaciers, disappearance of the Arctic sea ice, sea level rise of many meters, droughts, floods, tornados, hurricanes, loss of species, massive migrations, diseases moving in a polar direction etc. are all a function of the very high projected global temperatures. 

They keep teasing you by telling you that there is “tipping point” that if reached will result in an uncontrollable ramp-up of temperature that will have catastrophic results.  Can we really believe this as their prediction batting average is not very good? 

I used to be a frequent contributor of “letters to the Editor”.  Most of my letters asked why the media continued to publish these outlandish forecasts that did not come true. That they should review the history of what they have published and that they would see the prediction’s failure rate was very high. Aren’t the media supposed to be skeptics?  Not necessarily about just global warming but everything?  They are not fulfilling their obligation to their subscribers.  And that is reflected, obviously, by the decline of subscribers and their withering loss of credibility which has them now rated near the bottom of the polled lists.

To summarize, if the actual temperature is not skyrocketing, the warmer catastrophes are not going to happen. All their bloviating is just that, blovating.  They must keep you worried so they can continue to get money from you and the government to keep them alive.



Some of you may have noticed that my postings have almost been non-existent for many months.  I have had some health setbacks that have kept my posting near zero.  Trigeminal neuralgia is a nasty thing to have. I am on my second bout with it. About 14 years ago, I had my first encounter.  As Trigeminal sometimes does, it went into remission after about a year.  But now it is back. Medication allows me to have mostly pain free days. Having compared notes with my niece who has had Trigeminal longer than I have and much worse, we both find that moving your neck in the ways that one does when typing and reading, really aggravates this damned condition.  I think I am now in condition to continue my blogging- I hope.


One response to “Computer Predicted Global Temperature Show Man-Made Global Warming To Be A Lie


    Chuck –

    Good to hear from you and I hope your health continues to improve.

    As for the Cronin household, my wife will be headed back to get her second knee replaced next week. All else is fine.

    I’m still researching all that I can find about the GeoReactor. Much to relate. Like the knowledge about man-made climate change bunk, this stuff hides in plain daylight.

    I like to pose a rhetorical question to folks:

    Is there anything man can do that Nature can’t do better, and in vastly greater quantities ? All of the CFCs come blasting of volcanoes. Carbon tetrachloride is also produced in volcanoes and rotting sea weed. Then we have Fission and Fusion. The publishings from Gordon Gribble (Dartmouth) are a litany of all the organo-halogens.

    “The Fourth Source. Effects of Natural Nuclear Reactors” by Robert J. Tuttle is a great resource, although Tuttle admits that the effects of fission and radiation on Evolution is a little more speculative. Again, good science hides in plain daylight.

    Another thought I’ve had is that just like “bad money chases out good money” (fiat currency) — bad science chases out good science. Peer review is the buddy system. Citations of bad science makes for more bad science.

    It seems that Man-made climate change, man-made ozone depletion, Y2K, zebra mussels, and every disaster scenario available spawns an entirely contrived industry. Moreover, the fault for all things bad lies at the feet of old white men trying to figure out new ways to get someplace – cars, trucks, airplanes, ships, and coal-fired steam locomotives. It’s all bad and old white men are to blame.

    We’ve got to find a way to get into an aggrieved group.

    All best and continue to improve.

    Dick Cronin

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