No Category 3 Hurricanes Making US Landfall In Nearly 10 Years.

If by October 24 this year no category 3 or higher hurricane has made landfall in the USA, it will be ten years since the last major hurricane did so. Major hurricanes are those designated category 3 or higher.

Hurricane Wilma was the last major hurricane (category three) to make landfall in the United States on October 24, 2005. Wilma, carried winds of 120MPH, when it came ashore in the southwestern coast of Florida. Katrina, also a category 3 hurricane, preceded Wilma having come ashore in the Gulf Coast on August 29, 2005.

The US uses the Saffir-Simpson hurricane intensity scale to rate the potential damage/danger that the storm brings.

Cate Damage Windspeed, MPH Windspeed, M/S
1 Minimal 74-95 33-42
2 Moderate 96-110 43-49
3 Extensive 111-129 50-58
4 Extreme 130-156 59-69
5 Cata’rophic Greater than 156 Greater than 69

If conditions are just right, tropical storms like Sandy that came ashore in sandy-pier-rollerc_2384216kAtlantic City on October 29, 2005 can cause enormous damage. Sandy dropped over 11 inches of rain on Atlantic City.  Associated storm surges played havoc along the coastline and into the New York Harbor area where water flooded sections of New York City.   Some storms like Sandy, said to have caused damage estimated to be more than $36 billion, sometimes fight above their weight class.   This usually occurs where there are much building and settlement along the coast.

“Man-made global warming” is forecast to make hurricanes become more frequent and more dangerous.   Although it appears that the correlation between man-made global warming and hurricanes is some what tenuous, that has not stopped those who choose “alarm” over science to shout how bad it is and how bad it will be.

And now for some forecasts by the alarmists from a posting on Fabius :   “Since Katrina, climate activists have beat a steady drumbeat warning of doom.

See ten even more outlandish predictions from the big 3 networks.

Some thoughts. Hurricanes seem to have a cycle of sorts, as shown in my previous posting. So, category 3 hurricanes may make a comeback at any time. But if increased global temperature is the reason for more hurricanes, perhaps the current pause and the lack of a lot of hurricanes or any major hurricanes prove the global temperatures have not been rising. One has to wonder if the real Man– made global temperature rise is the result of the manipulation of the raw temperature readings. Or at least a lot of it.



3 responses to “No Category 3 Hurricanes Making US Landfall In Nearly 10 Years.

  1. Again, given the “Al Gore effect” of unusual cold weather at major climate conferences, the lack of hurricanes and other ‘predicted’ extreme weather events, and the fact that nearly all IPCC models are now well outside their 90% confidence intervals; I suggest we ‘name’ this prolonged failure to help ensure others from attempting similar foolish behavior in the future. I suggest this the name of the “Hansen-Gore-Mann failure.”

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