Why Haven’t We All Starved To Death?

All engineers and scientist should be skeptics.  Most engineers are because if they build a bridge or an automobile, or what ever, it better work right away.  Some scientists are making a lot of  predictions about events to come 25, 50 or 100 years into the future.  Well that’s their privilege, but it probably would be well to take a skeptical view on any prediction years into the future.

The Pacific Research Institute has produced several videos that are meant to challenge “appeals to authority’  like all scientist believe in …….

Ehrlich’s solutions were for the government to take charge. Impose taxes, new regulations etc.  Doesn’t that seem very much like what is now underway to  “stop catastrophic global warming” some day out in the distant future. Remember that name,  Paul Ehrlich.  He wrote another book which was just as wrong as the “Population Bomb”.  By the way, this other book was co-authored by John Holdren.  Holdren, in case you don’t remember, is President Obama’s Science Czar. Aren’t we lucky.



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