Solar Cycle 24 January 2015 Update

Solar Cycle 24 surprised everyone with a second peak.   Now the maximum appears to have occurred, as mentioned in last months posting. The Cycle is still active and will continue to be for years to come; however, the monthly average of Sunspot numbers are in decline.  The Solen Info Chart  “Solar Cycle 24 Progress is shown below.  The South Polar Field (Rsouth) has been the source of most of the Sunspots since mid-year 2012.   Its  activity is declining. Solen Info projects that the smoothed International Sunspot number will continue its down-tend. As a reminder,  the smoothed number is a 12 month average six months behind the most recent reading.   The number (Ri smoothed) that Solen forecasts for January 2015 is 66.5.


The Cycle 23 -24 chart indicates the projected January 2015 International smoothed Sunspot number of 66.5 as well as the contrast of the two Solar Cycles 23-23.


How is Cycle 24 affecting current global temperatures and how might it affect those temperatures of the next decade or two..   Several published papers have some predictions. This post intends to cover those papers in the near future.


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