Even the IPCC AR5 Wont Connect Global Climate Change to “Extreme Weather”

The IPCC recently completed its 5th Assessment Report (AR5). The preceding Report, AR4 was issued in 2007.  The tasks given to the group that develops these reports are to “assess scientific, technical and socio-economic information concerning climate change, its potential effects and options for adaptation and mitigation.”  As you can see from the tasking, these reports are not designed to determine if the warming results from natural causes but rather it has as a given that the warming results from man’s activities.  AR5 seems to carry almost biblical importance to the Warmers.


Skeptics are exposing the many significant errors that are in AR5.   Yet there is one topic where AR5 and the skeptics are in agreement.  That area is “Extreme Weather”.  Because global temperatures have not gone up for going on 17 years, the Alarmists had to come up with something new to keep the public frightened.  So they began peddling Extreme Weather.

Quite the contrary to what the Alarmists are peddling to the media, AR5* says that it has low confidence that global climate is behind extreme weather when it says its:

“confidence is LOW for global-scale observed trend in drought or dryness…”

“confidence remains LOW for long-term (centennial) changes in tropical cyclone** activity  …”

“confidence in large scale trends in storminess or storminess proxies over the last century is LOW… “

“confidence is LOW for trends in small-scale severe weather events such as hail or thunderstorms.”

                                                   Emphasis on LOW is mine.

When your newspaper or TV taking heads report that “global climate change” is responsible for extreme weather events, remember not even the IPCC will support such a statement.

*See AR5, Working Group 1, Executive Summary, Chapter 2, Observations: Atmosphere and Surface.

** Cyclones include both hurricanes and typhoons.


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