Solar Cycle 24 October Sunspot Number Rising

It was beginning to look like the Sunspots were in freefall based on last month’s 30 day smoothed number of 36.9.  But the Sun continues to let us know that we don’t know a lot about it for certain.   It looks like the Cycle 24 Sunspot number may reach 70 for the month of October.  A jump in Sunspot activity began in second week of this month and has continued through the third week.  It will be interesting to see how high it will go.  This number is not the official smoothed 6 month lagging number* that will not move up a lot, unless this higher activity continues for several months.  See the Chart below that shows, in Green, the smoothed 30 day number at the last updating on 25 October 2013.   It is nearly 70 at this time. (Click on chart to enlarge.)


This chart is from  This is an excellent site for monitoring solar data.

*The smoothed number is calculated by doing a 13 month average from the numbers that lag 6 months behind the current month.


One response to “Solar Cycle 24 October Sunspot Number Rising

  1. However, besides this limited October uprising, still cycle 24 is well below mean values of last decades, and it seems that the maximum value of 96.7 reached on November 2011 might stay as the final maximum of the cycle. So, SOLAR ACTIVITY IS STILL ON DECLINE, and probably causing the present “pause” in global warming. Only improvement in present “imperfect” global climate models the simulations of the impact of solar variations on climate can help solving this issue…

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