Is Carbon Your Enemy?

I am on a Pointman kick right now, but I can assure you that keeping up with what Pointman has to say is worth your time and his posting ”Sleeping with the Enemy”  is both informative and funny.  He notes that environmentalist believe “carbon” is their enemy even though they really have little understanding who or what that enemy really is.  Pointman gets things going by saying this:
“So, let’s put that other hat on and learn about their elemental enemy. The thing is, I’ve found the alarmists actually don’t do science but like all good scenario explorations, we’ll lose that little detail as part of simplifying the exercise. Let’s get down and boogie up real close to her sexy satanic majesty, Ms. Kickass Carbon. She has a certain ballsy attitude I kinda like.”
By the way, he pays tribute to the Aussies in his audience by naming one of the elements “Vegemitium”.
 Read this enjoyable posting by clicking here.

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