North Face Gets An Award–I’m Not Sure They Wanted It.

This priceless.  An oil and gas company from Texas put in an order for 400 North Face Jackets. Asking North Face, a Colorado company, to put the Texas company’s logo on the jackets.  North Face refused because oil and gas companies do not meet their brand standards.  Another ignorant “woke” US corporation virtue signaling .  

The oil and gas companies fired back at North Face.  The Colorado Oil and Gas Association did something appropriate.  This video will provide the details.

North Face should be very embarrassed. An Extraordinary Customer Award. Do you think they have learned anything? Probably not.

I suppose they could start making all their line out of linen, cotton, and may be paper. They certainly do not want to continue to use oil and gas derived products in view of those products not meeting their brand standards. But wait, don’t you have to use fossil fuel burning equipment to harvest and fabricate linen, cotton, paper, etc.?

There is no hope for them but to discontinue the business.


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