Alamists Have the Media on Their Side.

I have been consulting or blogging about climate change for some 20+ years.  I began in an advisory role to a member of Delaware’s Legislative body.  That followed by setting up a climate change website.  Alas, I gotten older.  My zeal has not changed but my reduced stamina for research has resulted fewer postings.  And my level of frustration is peaking.

Unfortunately, one thing is unchanging.  That is the alarmists’ predictions are way over the top. I mean by that, their global temperature forecasts, principally made by their computers, are always higher than the measured temperature.  Their statements pronouncing that things are worse that they ever have been, like tornados, hurricanes, droughts, sea level rise, disappearance of the polar ice, end of snow, etc. are refuted by the data regarding those issues.  

I believe that the number of skeptics has increased over those 20+ years, thanks to the increase in number of outstanding skeptic blogs, like WUWT, Icecap, Climate Depot, Principia Scientific, Junk Science, DrRoySpencer, SePP, GWPF and a whole host of other outstanding ones—-just too many to name.

But the skeptics still have trouble getting through the walls erected by the mainstream media. Why the media have dropped their investigative role and adopted a full- throated support for the alarmist is beyond my ability to understand.  Because the predictions of apocalypse by apocalypse made by the alarmers that have not come true, you would think that the media would treat the continuing barrage of over-the-top predictions with distain.  Instead, the predictions get headlines and sycophantic stories.

The alarmist’s kind of “science” should not be the basis for formulating legislation.  Politicians may be good lawyers, but they are typically poor scientists.  Some are opposed to capitalism and want socialism.  Look at President Biden’s Green New Deal site and you will find many of them.  Others are swayed by the media pressure and think they better go along with the crowd.  Some may actually believe the alarmists rants.  Very few of them are scientifically knowledgeable enough to see through the scam.  Today, I do not have confidence that a majority of the Senate Republicans are skeptics.  

The science is not settled so no new legislation, please!

It seems to me that there are only a few things that will swing the pendulum our way.  One is a decline in the living standards and the economy.  Higher prices for everything caused by the cost of electricity, the cost of gasoline, the cost of home heating, and generally the subsequent rise of the cost of living. These are issues that the typical citizen feels and that might change the politicians.

As former President Obama said, 

 Obama: My Plan Makes Electricity Rates Skyrocket – YouTube

The other pendulum swinger is for the global temperature to go flat or begin to drop.  The global temperature went flat for about 15 to 18 years around the turn of the century.  It began to climb again when two El Ninos happened.  They are natural causes, not atmospheric CO2 concentration.  

I have been researching what may bring about big cost of living rises and what are the factors that will cause global temperature to rise or fall in the future.   If I can get something cogent on those two topics, I will post my thoughts.


4 responses to “Alamists Have the Media on Their Side.

  1. Richard F. Cronin

    Good to count you as a friend and mentor. Pray to the Almighty that we live to see the Truth reign Supreme. It will Happen. If not in our lifetimes, in a few generations or so.

  2. “Charles Rock, PhD, (right) and Jiangwei Yao, PhD, recently reviewed Richard Harris’ book about scientific research, titled “Rigor Mortis: How Sloppy Science Creates Worthless Cures, Crushes Hope, and Wastes Billions.” Now, Rock and Yao address specific issues raised in Harris’ book and offer solutions or tips to help avoid the pitfalls identified in the book.

    “That (your hypothesis) is not only not right; it is not even wrong.”
– Wolfgang Pauli (Nobel Prize in Physics, 1945)

    A hypothesis is the cornerstone of the scientific method.
    It is an educated guess about how the world works that integrates knowledge with observation.

    Everyone appreciates that a hypothesis must be testable to have any value, but there is a much stronger requirement that a hypothesis must meet.

    A hypothesis is considered scientific only if there is the possibility to disprove the hypothesis.

    The proof lies in being able to disprove”

    There is more (, but we can not overlook the fact of SLOPPY SCIENCE. Where many ‘scientists’, regardless of their special (specific) science, do not seem to know (understand) that which I have just quoted is the fundamental foundation of SCIENCE. Many may not even recognize that the atmosphere has ‘two’ measured temperatures (the atmospheric temperature and the atmospheric dew point temperature). But I suspect not only many, but most, know that the prediction that the atmospheric temperature, if not for the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide, would have a measured atmospheric temperature about 33C (58F) less than that actually measured.

    Hence, because of what I would describe as fundamental ignorance, they have no clue as to the consequence of the observation that the measured atmospheric temperature had never been less than that of the measured atmospheric dew point temperature when both are measured at the same place and time. Which I expect that very few, meteorologists even, are aware how critical this condition of same place and time might be.


    Chuck – Keep up your spirits. I don’t know when Climate Reality will dawn but I’m thinking that China’s moves in the South China Sea will grab the headlines pretty quick. Now that we have Neville Chamberlain in the Oval Office …..

    You know my thoughts about heat and CO2 variations coming from within the planet as well as the GeoReactor. It seems the Russians and the Ukrainians are conducting the real science on a host of related disciplines.

    You mentioned El Niños. Note that the warm body of water in the Pacific which drives the El Niño is centered right over the hot spot of the Mariana Trench. The same as we observe when we peer down into a warming pot of water — well before the bubble point — we observe convection plumes rising from contact hot spots in the bottom of the pot. The Mariana Trench is filled with rifts, ridges, submarine volcanoes, and innumerable hydrothermal vents. There is even a hydrothermal vent called the Champagne Vent due to the color of the liquid CO2 spewing out of the vent.

    I requested and received for Christmas a copy of “Deep Carbon – Past to Present” by the Deep Carbon Observatory. They describe real cutting edge stuff on molten carbonates and related mineral reactions to produce methane and petroleum in the Upper Mantle. “Fossil fuels” is really a misnomer. But describing decomposition of dolomite, serpentinization of olivine, Fischer-Tropsch reactions and Sabatier reactions doesn’t tell a sufficiently scary story to match a good ole “Climate Crisis”.

    You may also read “Deep Carbon” on-line. I just like a good paper text that is indexed.

    Chapter 12, Figure 12.10 is very interesting.

    Dick Cronin Sent from my iPhone


  4. Hi Richard. Where have you been? Have you given up on PSI? Am glad that CB seems to be in good health and that I have finally learned to make comments to his posts.

    And your comments is very informative in that it quite difficult to read what one does not know to exist. Thank you.

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