MCGA (Making China Great Again) –Joe Biden Version.

The following posting is from the Gatestone Institute titled “China doesn’t have to lift a finger to push Biden around”.   The following is from that posting:

“China’s challenge to America is comprehensive, on every front. So far, Biden has taken steps that certainly encourage Beijing. His rejoining the Paris Agreement, his cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline, and his repeal of the ban on Chinese equipment in the American electrical grid, among others, favor, directly or indirectly, Beijing. Also of great concern is the failure of Commerce Secretary nominee Gina Raimondo to confirm that Huawei Technologies will remain on the department’s Entity List.

Analysts say Beijing is testing Biden. Yes, but so far the Chinese do not need to lift a finger. The new president is giving them what they want, and they are not even having to ask.”

Maybe the Chinese did not ask but rather told President Biden what they want.  Considering the verified connection of the President’s son with the Chinese and the information obtained from his computer hard drive, the possibility of collusion with the Chinese is credible.  

Rejoining the Paris Agreement and the cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline will weaken the US and that is in the interest of the Chinese.  I will have something to say about those issues later but allowing Chinese equipment in the electrical grid potentially gives them a means of shutting down the grids whenever they would like.

Not using the Huawei technologies in our communication systems is also to prevent them from shutting down our systems and to prevent them spying by eavesdropping.

We convinced the UK not to use Huawei for these reasons.  And now we have a Commerce Secretary nominee that may change our view of the danger. 

We are turning up Chinese spies, and Chinese’s bought and paid for academics and Universities. We have found out that the Chinese have been stealing our technology.   Most damaging has been our military secrets.  So, you will not convince me that they are friendly.  They want to bury the US.


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