Green Energy Train To Energy Poverty

The Claim: Europe and Australia are benefiting from their green energy policies. We should follow their example.

The Facts: The Ice Cap blog refutes that claim in a posting titled:“Green Energy Train To Energy  Poverty”.

Joseph D’Aleo shows that green energy is pricing the Europeans out of a number of markets and is wreaking real damage on their poorer citizens.

Two of the many  charts that  D”Aleo uses to make his case are as follows:



And the following chart equates the amount of installed wind and solar renewable energy with the cost of electricity:


Read D’Aleo’s full posting by clicking here:


2 responses to “Green Energy Train To Energy Poverty

  1. CB, Thank you for this good information. The more places where one might accidently discover such good information the better. Because it seems far easier to discover bad information. And I hurried and did not initially read enough of the Ice Cap blog to appreciate its value. Such is the problem of modern life. Are you aware of other good sites? Have a good day, Jerry

    • Jerry I have a number of sites that I believe are quality. I will send you some of the best, or course the best in my opinion.
      Thanks for your comments, by the way. I am still aware that I am not a scientist, but just am old engineer. But following your leads on some topics has stretched me a bit and that probably is a good thing.

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