For The Left, The NGOs and The Technical Societies, The Battle Over EPA Regulations Is All About Money

The EPA has been overstepping its authority. This has led to regulations that are unnecessary, burdensome and often not in concert with bills passed by Congress and signed into law by the President. At times, the EPA has been acting as a law making body, which is beyond their authority.  The current Administration intends to correct this situation.


As the Administration undertakes this task, the Left will mount a campaign intended to defeat the Administrations objestives.  The Left will tell you that the Administration is going to poison your children, make all rivers a sewer, make the air you breathe toxic and Earth will be destroyed by catastrophic climate change. None of which is true.  The media of course will join in and support anything the Left says.  They will report about someone who is supposed to be suffering because of the actions of the Administration. They will ignore the many who are able now make a success of their business as the useless regulations are canceled. The left knows they will miss their opportunity to tax and regulate if the Administration is successful.

As some of our Republicans, mostly in the Senate, have spines of jelly when they think the media is no longer going to love them, you need to become active in expressing your views. Call you Congressional people and tell them to support the Administration.

The money at stake is what the battle is all about. The NGOs such as National Resources Defense Council, World WildLife Foundation, Green Peace, Sierra Club and others are funded by donations from green foundations such as the many that George Sorros backs and in some cases by government grants. They have used and often abused the environmental issue to make themselves rich and they will not want to see it come to an end.  Some of these NGOs that are dedicated to environmental issues are astonishingly wealthy.  For example:

NGO Assets $ Program expenditures$
Nature Conservancy 5,923,968,911 564,288,371
Natural Resources Defense Council    234,685,564 106,044,395
World Wildlife Foundation 337,133,573 167,998,187
Sierra Club   89.083,509   51,977,153
Earth Justice*   68,053,019   34,851,795

2015 Financial Summary            Data Source:  Charity Navigator

  • Earth Justice is the legal wing of the Sierra Club.

The NGOs have a lot of money and they spend it. Can you imagine the blitz if they join forces?

The major technical societies, urged on by their members who live on government grants, will join in the chorus too.

This will become a major test of our will to do what is right. So, speak up about the facts to your friends and neighbor and have them put some iron in the spines of our Congressional Delegations.

Next posting will have some thoughts about man-made global warming misinformation.



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