Paris Agreement Expenditures Will Not Reduce Global Temperatures Significantly

It is always a good thing to let Bjorn Lomborg views be known.  Lomborg is often called the Skeptical Environmentalist because he believes that global warming is caused by man’s activities, but he differs from most of the warmers, in that he believes all the vast sums of money spent on trying to reduce CO2 emissions will be wasted.

 He organized and runs the Copenhagen Consensus. He invites expert economist to review a variety of ways to cope with global warming. The Consensus invariably says, for example, that people having clean water, education, etc. are much better uses for the money opposed to using it to combat CO2 emissions.  The following video is written and narrated by Lomborg.  He shows that the Paris Agreement has plans to spend a lot of money and the results will not come close to achieving their stated goal of holding global temperature rise below 2C.


I do not believe the science supports them spending the money either.


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