Indian, Japanese and Chinese Scientists Publish Research That Predicts Little Ice Age or Maunder Minimum Coming Soon.

The Times of India posted “Sunspots point to looming “little ice age” quoting scientists and astronomers from Physical Research Laboratory in India and their counterparts in China and Japan have fresh evidence that Earth may be heading for another “little ice age” or maybe even another Maunder Mimimum.

Their findings are very similar to those of our scientists. They report that:

“….our blazing sun has been eerily turning quiet and growing less active over the last two decades.”

The posting reports:

”In a recently published research, `A 20 year decline in solar photospheric magnetic field: Inner heliospheric signatures and possible implications’ published in the Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR) recently , astronomers indicate that over the last 20 years there has been a steady decline in the sun’s photospheric (sun’s surface) and interplanetary or heliospheric magnetic fields. This is indicated by a drastic decline in the number of sun spots on its surface and a corresponding decrease in solar wind microturbulence in the Sun’s last two 11-year solar cycles. We are currently in solar cycle 24, which is expected to end in 2020.

The researchers said this:

””During Maunder Minimum, the Sun becomes quiet, indicated by the near disappearance of sunspots that are typically present. In the last 11,000 years, there have been 27 Maunder Minimums,” says dean of Physical Research Laboratory P Janardhan, who is the lead author of the research paper along with six others which includes Susanta Kumar Bisoi of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Bei jing, K Fujiki and M Tokumaru of Nagoya University Japan, L Jose and R Sridharan of PRL’s space and atmospheric sciences division and S Ananthakrishnan of the department of electronic sciences, Pune University. The Maunder Minimum condition is predicted to intensify beyond cycle 25, or between 2030 and 2040 during solar cycle 26.

Interesting prediction with serious consequences if it is correct.


Graphic from the Times of India.


One response to “Indian, Japanese and Chinese Scientists Publish Research That Predicts Little Ice Age or Maunder Minimum Coming Soon.

  1. My thought on this is we are also due for a Bond event the last was around 546AD and it is a quasi 1470 year cycle. Also we are nearing the end of the Halocene and it is much cooler now than in the 1300’s AD when the last LIA started. Does a Maunder type minimum eventually happen toward the end of an interglacial and start the next glaciation? Also look out for the next pandemic as all the little single cell critters get hit with cosmic rays.

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