COP 21 President Obama Wants Money To Pay Reparations

What will come from the COP21?   An agreement? Perhaps,  but what will it amount to?   President Obama wants to commit the US to a combination of gwbiggestthreatCartoon54reduced CO2 emissions and billions of dollars for reparation (wealth redistribution plan) payments. The US Congress has said they wont approve any money expenditure for reparations unless they have a treaty to vote on. A treaty would require approval of 67 members of the Senate voting in favor of the treaty, so this probably means there wont be any money. Congress has signaled both the President and the rest of the world that will not be spending any money. Obama and his crew know a treaty would not make it through the Senate so they have been trying to come up with some other scheme that will not require the Senate’s approval. Obama has promised to make a $3billion down payment to the UN’s Green Climate Fund at the COP21 meeting.

He and the Congressional Democrats could try to force Congress to give the money to the UN by threatening a Government Shutdown. This has worked in the past, but I doubt that global warming is a winning issue with the voters. The most recent poll by Fox News shows that only 3% believe that global warming is something they need to worry about. This result is consistent would other news organizations polling.

According to posting“Obama may shut down government over UN “Green Climate Fund”  and a CFACT email.

“Secretary Kerry said that the Administration is “struggling to find $3 billion for the green climate fund” at a speech at Old Dominion University. He recently seemed to leave open the possibility that the Administration would divert funds from other line items to the UN fund. This would run contrary to the principle that all U.S. spending must originate in the House of Representatives. Current House spending bills contain no appropriation for the fund and 37 Senators and 110 members of the House signed letters opposing contributions to the fund.”

“UN climate Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres told the NY Times that finance is “the most challenging aspect of the whole deal… There is no credible road map to the $100 billion.”

“President Obama is flying to Paris Sunday hoping that in three days he can convince other nations to give him a climate agreement he can sign without Senate ratification.  Representatives of nations wondering, like Tonga, when the U.S. is “going to send us the money?” had best brace themselves for a financial disappointment.”

This is just the opening salvo in what the UN wants to be the new world order. The COP21 wants a commitment of at least $100billion from the industrialized world every year beginning in 2020 to give out to nations who believe the industrialized world has harmed them.   As Christiana Figueres says, the money is the biggest challenge. Whether or not the nations pledging CO2 cuts will really follow through is secondary to getting the money.


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    • I didn’t think I needed to put the (Sarc) notation by everything. After the opening paragraph of this posting (and my other postings) one might have been able to guess my position on the President’s remark. Of course I think Obama is delusional if thinks ISIS gives a r..s ass about what is going going on in COP21. So we are on the same page.

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