Don’t Worry About The National Debt, Radical Islam or Aggressive Nations, The Biggest Danger Is Global Warming

President Obama goes to Alaska to put before the members of the Arctic Council, alaskaoila pact that commits the member nations to fight global warming to save the Arctic. But China and India (holders of “permanent observer” status) wont sign it. They cite the need to expand their economies, wanting to approach the economic levels of the developed nations. Nothing new here. Indeed, Obama signed a pact with China to allow China to continue to increase their CO2 emission until 2030. In that same pact, he committed the USA to reducing its emissions by 26%-28% from 2005 levels by 2025. This pact signed last year, received high praise from the fawning mainstream media.


Now, fast-forward to the 1 September posting on titled “Why Did China Opt Out of the Arctic Climate Change Statement? The subtitle for that posting is “China’s decision sends a worrying signal that U.S.-China tensions will impact climate change negotiations”.

The posting goes on to say:

China’s reaction to the GLACIER conference also sends a worrisome signal about U.S.-China cooperation on climate change. In addition to refusing to sign the statement, China sent a relatively low-level representative. Former Chinese Ambassador to Norway Tang Guoqiang, billed as a “special representative” to China’s foreign minister, headed the delegation from Beijing; most other countries sent either minister-level or deputy-minister-level officials (Russia was another exception, sending only its ambassador to the United States to the event).”

China continues to “surprise” the hard-core warmers. China makes statements about wanting to cut their emissions. But their actions show they have no intention of doing that. The gullible people believe them.   These are the same people that ignore real data and believe instead those climate computer outputs that have little relationship with reality.   By-the-way, India does not play this game. They say they will not stop using fossil fuels until they reach parity, or near parity, with the West.

While at in Alaska, the President made remarks about what he proclaims is the “biggest challenge facing America”. That of course is global warming. Not radical Islam. Not China’s build-up of forces as they threaten their neighbors and build military bases in the Pacific. Not our 16+trillion national debt. To name just a few. But rather global warming that he believes will be disastrous some 50 to 75 years from now.

There is another near term threat from Russia and China as they appear to want to proclaim the Arctic fossil fuel resources for themselves. Some are estimating that 40% of all the globe’s oil and gas reserves can be found under the Arctic Sea.  According to a Fox News report today 2 September, Russia is putting on an aggressive show of their intentions for these reserves saying:

“Last March, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a snap, full combat military exercise in Russia’s Arctic north to mark the anniversary of his annexation of Crimea — with 40,000 Russian troops, dozens of warships and submarines.”

“ At the American Legion on Tuesday, the U.S. defense secretary warned against complacency. We do not seek to make Russia an enemy,” Defense Secretary Ash Carter said. “But make no mistake: while Vladimir Putin may be intent on turning the clock back in Russia, he cannot turn the clock back in Europe. We will defend our allies.”

Russia has reestablished Soviet-era military bases across the Arctic and begun building a string of search-and-rescue stations along its Arctic shores. In April, Russia’s economic minister explained the importance.

“For us, the Arctic is mineral resources, transportation, and one also should not forget about fish and sea products, and bio-resources. The potential here is enormous,” Alexey Ulyukaev said.

Russia has 41 icebreakers in service in the Arctic with 11 more on the way. Obama says he is going to increase our fleet of two icebreakers with some unannounced number by 2020. But why worry about icebreakers, Obama’s church of global warming has been saying for years that all Arctic Sea Ice will disappear soon—– (another forecast date to be announced soon by Al Gore).












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