Global Temperature Only Lowered By 0.01C. Is It Worth All The Pain?

President Obama unveiled the “Clean Power Plan” prepared by the EPA. It claims much but testimony EPA Administrator, Gina McCarthy, gave at a Congressional hearing make those claims very questionable. She does not dispute that global temperature will only be lowered by 0.01degree C., — we goreandhairdryermust set the example for the rest of the world, she says. But 8 months ago, Obama agreed to China increasing their CO2 until 2030 at which time it will be three times greater than our emissions. What kind of example is that? The health improvements are touted but many are based on “secret science” that she wont let anyone see outside the agency. And some is based upon hypothetical set ups; hence, make-believe science. She was quoted as saying she “doesn’t actually need raw data in order to develop science. That’s not how it is done?” Since when, other than on Planet EPA?

The European Union has spent over $1 trillion on wind and solar renewable energy. The nameplate capacity is 216 Gigawatts. Because the wind doesn’t blow all the time and average sunshine is only 12 hours at most, the actual delivery is 38 Gigawatts.   Accounting for actual delivery, the capital cost of these Renewable Energy installations is $32billion/Gigawatt compared with gas-fired electricity generation costing $1.1billion/Gigawatt. That’s why their rates are two to three times ours. What makes Obama think that isn’t the case for the U.S.?


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