Pope Francis Is Poorly Informed About Global Warming

For centuries, the “consensus science” stated the Earth was the center of the universe. In 1610 the skeptic, Galileo Galilei, publicly disagreed saying the Earth revolved around the Sun rather than the other way. The Catholic Church leaders called this a fallacy.  Galileo published his theory in 1632 and was found guilty of heresy and placed under house arrest where he remained until his death 9 years later. It now looks like the Church is about to make the same mistake of picking sides concerning the controversial scientific theory of catastrophic man-made global warming (CAGW). It is said that Pope Francis will issue an Encyclical saying that World should support the United Nations plan to eliminate carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. It doesn’t make sense.

First and foremost the science is not settled at all. The CAGW theory continues to be disproven as illustrated by CAGW predictions that do not comport with actual data measurements. For example, for 18 years, there has been no statistical increase in global temperature despite continuing increases in atmospheric CO2.

The Pope allegedly is being motivated by his desire to help the poor of the world. However the actions of the leadership of the CAGW movement are counter to the Pope’s wishes in that they:

1) Refuse to support providing affordable electricity to billions of people desperately in need because it might result in some, however inconsequential, increase of atmospheric CO2.

2) And the leadership of the CAGW movement is filled with people who want wholesale abortion; limitations of family size and are out rightly proposing ways to drastically deplete World population with an ultimate goal of reducing to 1 billion people.

Watch this Youtube presentation that expands on the fact that the CAGW program is hurting the poorest in Europe.

The political leadership of the CAGW movement has stated that they wish to destroy Capitalism as a system. Their actions are not guided by science.

Pope Francis is in jeopardy of being remembered as the one that repeated the errors made in the time of Galileo.


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