10th International Conference On Climate Change—June 11 & 12 in Washington DC

This year the International Conference On Climate Change will be held in Washington DC on the 11th and 12th of June.   The presenters are Major League skeptics. Among the panel participants are Singer, Idso, Monckton, Legates, Fred SingerSoon, Briggs, Michaels, Watts, Carter, Loehle, Ball, etc..  The keynote speakers are Senator Jim Inhofe, Journalist Mark Steyn, Representative Lamar Smith and Princeton Professor William Happer.

S. Fred Singer

Full information, regarding registration, location, program & speakers and hotel reservations can be found by clicking here.

I registered on 6 May, but did not get my hotel reservations at that time. When I did go after hotel reservations on 18 May, the conference hotel, Washington Court was sold out. The conference people did provide a list of nearby hotels to check for space. Most of the list had space available at that time. I liked the Hyatt Regency because it is right across the block from the Washington Court.  Looks like this conference will be well attended.

In the past, few media have cover these Conferences and those who did were often critics. So the more of us that attend and then spread the word, the better.


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