John Kerry Again Proves His Ignorance

Why am I picking on John Kerry again?  Partly because he is such an easy target but mostly I want people to be aware of how unaware he is.  In 2009,  the then Senator Kerry said that the Arctic would be ice free in 2014. As you know this prediction was very wrong.  He knew this because he claimed to be up-to-date with all the real science as provided by the real scientists. Kerry chose to lecture Senator James Inhofe, someone he said failed to get it when it comes to global warming and in this case Arctic Sea ice.  Watch this Youtube to see the “haughty”  Senator in action:

By the way, Jim Inhofe is probably the most knowledgeable man in Congress with regard to global warming science.

Kerry is the chief US negotiator in the talks with Iran about Iran’s program to make nuclear bombs. God help us.  And he seems to be the President’s lead man in the Global Warming talks scheduled for Paris this coming December.  IMHO, he is in way over his head, but he is so egotistical, he thinks he knows it all.   Lecturing Senator Inhofe!!!

Look at these two posting to see how misinformed he can be, even when he has a prepared speech.   Click here and here.





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