Told ya so: new paper proves that coral atolls keep up with sea level rise

I am rebloging a 12 May posting on WattsUpWithThat(WUWT) titled “Told ya so: New paper proves that coral atolls keep up with sea level rise.” The alarmists thought they had a great cause–more island people losing their ancestral home to fossil fuels. One of the atolls actually sued the Czech Republic saying that their burning of coal would be the cause of the loss of their atoll. Anthony Watts has been tell us that for more than ten years the alarmist were not right. Of interest, Watts points out the reasoning that the atolls keep up with the rise in sea level originated with Charles Darwin. The posting includes the abstract of a recent study about the atolls and sea level. In addition, reading the several publications on WUWT by Watts and several others provide the science behind the atolls survival for thousands of years of sea level rise.

Watts Up With That?

From the “Tuvalu needs another climate handout” department comes this paper that says what we’ve been saying on WUWT for years – the sea level rise will overwhelm coral atolls in the Pacific is just political hype. For example, here’s a selection of some of our previous posts on the issue:

Now from the Geological Society of America:

Coral islands defy sea-level rise over the past century: Records from a central Pacific atoll

P.S. Kench, D. Thompson,M.R. Ford,H. Ogawa andR.F. McLean


The geological stability and existence of low-lying atoll nations is…

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2 responses to “Told ya so: new paper proves that coral atolls keep up with sea level rise

  1. Does anyone know why Nils Axel Mörner never mentions coral atoll growth in any of his papers when debunking sea level rise?

    • Sorry for the delay in approval of your comment. Have been traveling and otherwise busy.
      I have not noticed that Morner never mentions coral atoll growth. I guess you have an explanation?

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