Solar Cycle 24 Update-June 2013

Solar Cycle 24 activity was low in June.  Sunspots took a sizable drop from about 77 in May to 52 in June.  Solar flux dropped as well.  (Click on charts to enhance clarity.)



The experts believe that Cycle 24 will match Cycle 14.  NASA is predicting Cycle 24 Sunspot peak at 67 whereas Cycle 14’s peak was 64.   Cycle 14 began February, 1902 and ended August, 1913.  Temperatures during that time were much colder than the average since that time.  My March 8, 2013 posting has some interesting statistics to make comparisons of Cycle 24 and other Solar Cycles.  There is a plot of temperature anomalies from 1880 to 2010 that you can compare to Solar Cycle size. You can access that data by clicking here.


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