Climategate III–220,247 New E-Mails Have Been Released.

Who ever it is that broke into the files at East Anglia University back in 2009, has just released, to selected bloggers, a password to access some 220,247 new e-mails. The person that got these files says it is time to release the remainder of the ClimateGate documents.  He says the task is too big  for him to handle.  He is not saying that these emails will have as big an impact as the first release back in 2009 did but he said there may be some big stories in this lot.

Not much is out in the public yet but you can bet that many folks will be working their way through these e-mails.  So, to keep up to speed on them you might want to go to WattsUpWithThat:   or

Tom Nelson

Climate Depot

Junk Science

The Reference Frame


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