Scientists Baffled By The Stop In Global Warming

P.Gosselin of No Tricks Zone provides climate news from Germany in English. He has done this and incorporates his excellent insights, when he reviews Der Spiegel’s, (a major German newpaper) article titled “Klimawandel: Forscher rätseln über Stillstand bei Erderwärmung” (Trans…Climate change: scientists baffled by the stop in global warming).
Gosselin says that:
 “The big question now circulating through the stunned European media, governments and activist organisations is how could the warming stop have happened? Moreover, how do we now explain it to the public?”
My equally as stunned reaction is why aren’t the American media, etc also stunned? I guess perhaps it is because the US is the mother load of grant money.
Gosselin also notes the desperation in the warmers responses to the lack of warming.  He uses Kevin Trenberth’s quote to illustrate:
“Under the bottom line, there are a number of various ominous signs of warming: rising sea levels, Arctic sea ice reduced by a half in the summertime, melting glaciers. At some locations there are signs that extreme weather events are increasing. ‘There are many signs of global warming,’ emphasizes Kevin Trenberth, “near surface air temperatures is only one of them.’”
Gosselin nails him with the following:
Sorry, but isolated singular events do not constitute trends, let alone science. Prof. Trenberth really ought to know that. This is pathetic. The observed data and measured trends have stopped showing global warming. So are scientists now claiming that singular events are robust signs? This would be only one step away from astrology! 
The US media is now avoiding discussion of “warming” and has reverted to passing on the routine press releases of how global warming is responsible for “extreme weather events”.  That means hot weather, cold weather, wet weather, dry weather, high winds, no winds, etc.  Global warming is being blamed for every adverse weather event.  That is the new magic bullet in their arsenal of “facts”.  How can anyone disprove their theory when it causes every extreme?  The best thing to do in this case is to laugh at them and say as Gosselin does that they are only one step away from astrology.
To read his review of the Der Spiegel article,  click here.

One response to “Scientists Baffled By The Stop In Global Warming

  1. This thing known as global warming is due to a reduction in the cloud mass that acts as a solar mirror over mainly the equatorial Atlantic, affecting an area in the region of 2,000,000 km2. Since the sun is providing 484 w/m2 (+- 9kwh/m2/day) of sea surface, how much of that energy is absorbed by the sea is determined by that which lies between the sea and sun: reflective cloud with an albedo in the region of 70%.
    The cloud issue is determined by the number of African Easterly Waves produced each year, which is in turn affected by a number of other factors eg.the mid Atlantic High, Charney Effect, Pa in the Sub Saharan region (%N to 20N). Although what is written here seems a bit off the beaten track re the current climate debate, a true breakdown of the SST, Precipitation, Cloud, PA data points to no other conclusion. The problem began when man made changes to the 26,000 km2 Nile Flood Plain affected the rainfall on the Ethiopian Highlands, plus the general moisture budget for the northern boundary of the ITCZ.

    The current ‘decline’ in GMT is more due to ice/cold water flowing into the region round the Azores Mid Atlantic High (MAH), as had happened as of 1971, to create what had been thought at the time as an impending ice age. in reality the warmer water flowing north from the Equatorial Ocean, melting greater ice than usual produced a greater mass of cold water flowing south – thus distorting the MIH – producing a temporary increase of equatorial cloud within the ITCZ. The general trend is upwards, but the Nile flood plain and its affects upon the Ethiopian Highlands is the issue, not CO” etc.

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