Wind and solar renewable energy are Parasites.

I have been trying to define wind and solar renewables in a way that conveys them at the core.  I am looking for a definition that hits home.   “Not dispatchable” provides a feature of those two renewables but it falls short. Some might not even know what that means.

“Free energy” is used by proponents, but it is not free. That is a misrepresentation. The cost of electricity rises as the use of the wind and solar component of the grid supply increases.

I think that they are PARASITES.   Parasites are normally organisms that survive in or on another entity usually at the entity’s expense. The Criterion for electrical Grids is to provide electricity as demanded without interruption at the appropriate frequency 24/7.  Natural gas, coal and nuclear can do that.  Neither wind nor solar renewable energy can. There are no demonstrations that counter that statement. Not only that, if used, they make accomplishing the criteria difficult if not impossible.  They are Parasites.

Parasites cannot live without a host.  In the grid case, natural gas, coal and nuclear are the host. Why then, if they are parasites, are they part of the grid’s sources of electricity. As you know, Its political.


5 responses to “Wind and solar renewable energy are Parasites.

  1. Hi CB,

    Excellent job of focusing attention on a critical issue. “As you know, Its political.” However, to solve the problem you must ask good questions.

    Have a good day, Jerry

  2. So would you also call gas and oil production parasitic as it relates to the Earth?

    • In answer to your question, maybe.
      The issue at hand, however, is powering the grid. The grid can be powered and function 24/7 by some combinations of natural gas, coal and nuclear. Wind and solar cannot power the grid 24/7. My guess is that the grid master’s job would be a lot easier were there no wind and/or solar stops and starts caused by weather. Taking in the wind and solar generated electricity also forces some combination of the other three to have to operate at less than their best efficiency. The gas, coal and nuclear still have to be online when the wind and solar are introduced to the grid.

  3. Chuck – I have joined the Caesar Rodney Institute (CRI) down here in Delaware. It’s kind of a Libertarian state government watchdog group.

    David Stevenson is their Director of Energy & Environmental issues. Pretty sharp guy. He invited me to participate as a technical resource to CRI’s Board of Advisors. He is very knowledgeable about the “unreliables”. I’m certain you could grab any links to David’s work.

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