Renewable Prices Rise 37%

This chart comes from a posting by Inside Climate News ( )The author adds this:

“The trend is unmistakable. Prices are rising—by a lot”.

“But the good news for the wind and solar industries is that their resources remain among the least expensive, largely because every major source of electricity is also experiencing a spike in costs. And the Inflation Reduction Act, passed in August, contains incentives for renewable energy manufacturers to build their products in the United States, which could set the stage for a new era of growth in the domestic supply of wind and solar components, and could help to reduce prices.”

I underlined the long sentence above because this drives me crazy.  If renewables are least expensive—Why do they need subsidies?  Well of course subsidies and being parasites on the backs of fossil fuels are the reason they appear like they are the” least expensive”.  You might counter that big money people are building the wind turbines and the solar cells. So they must be good investments. We, the taxpayer are securing these investments. The Fed’s have made them almost impossible for the investors to loose any money.  Really not just lose money but make big money. The Feds, not the market are driving the attempt at transition from fossil fuels to renewables.. 

But lets look at the Fed largesse. Robert Bryce posted “Talk about corporate welfare: Federal giveaways to wind, solar sectors are about to explode”.  He reviews how much money is being given away based upon the approval of badly misnamed “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022”.  Bryce focused on how the $370 billion in energy-related spending will be divvied up.

Click on Page 2 to go to read Robert Bryce’s posting.

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