Russia to blowup Norwegian Gas Line to The UK?

The UK Daily Expressed published this blog  “Putin poised to spark energy horror in UK as Russia plots to sabotage Norway gas pipelines”. 

The posting begins:

Senior intelligence officials have warned that Britain could face an energy nightmare this winter, as Russia is plotting an attack on a key gas pipeline between the UK and Norway. Following the suspected sabotage of the Russian-built Nord Stream 2 pipeline in September, experts previously told that Russian President Vladimir Putin could be sending Europe a chilling message, and could strike gas pipelines and electricity cables between the UK and the rest of Europe. With Britain playing a major role in supporting Ukraine’s fight against the invading Russian forces, experts fear that the Kremlin will be looking to retaliate by plunging Britons into darkness. “

This is worrisome, because it would set in motion a major loss of life in the UK.  How would the UK or NATO respond? I am hoping that it is just alarmist’s conspiracy BS.

The DailyExpress  posting can be reached by clicking here


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