EU Is Said to Be Planning to Allow Financing of New Nuclear and Natural Gas Plants.

A posting by EURACTIV claims that they have obtained  a document  that  would allow financing nuclear power generating plants; and for the time being, natural gas  (NG) based plants.   New NG facilities would have some  restriction on CO2 emissions.  

It is being opposed by the Alarmists. The EURACTIV posting says: “

This proposal is a scientific disgrace that would deal a fatal blow to the taxonomy,” said Henry Eviston, spokesman on sustainable finance at WWF European Policy Office.

“It would severely damage the EU’s sustainable finance agenda and the EU Green Deal. It must be firmly rejected by the Commission and opposed by all member states,” he added in a statement.

However, it does look like this is going to be done.  The EURACTIV  posting adds:

“It comes in the wake of declarations by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, who said the EU executive would soon table proposals on gas and nuclear as part of the bloc’s green finance rulebook.

“We need more renewables. They are cheaper, carbon-free and homegrown,” von der Leyen wrote on Twitter after an EU summit meeting two weeks ago where leaders debated the bloc’s response to rising energy prices.

“We also need a stable source, nuclear, and during the transition, gas. This is why we will come forward with our taxonomy proposal,” she added.”

It is becoming more apparent to the Europeans that wind and solar are unreliable sources. This winter is forecast to be quite cold and the recent months have been less windy and sunlight reducing renewables power generation.  More coal and natural gas use has been required to keep the lights on.


One response to “EU Is Said to Be Planning to Allow Financing of New Nuclear and Natural Gas Plants.


    Chuck –

    Yes — and I take no pleasure in this — but a cold, cold winter is in store for all regions normally warmed by the Gulf Stream — from Long Island NY to Northern Europe.

    We continue in dominant La Niña conditions with diminished shearing winds over the Gulf of Mexico and western Atlantic. We ran out of names for hurricanes. (Cue the hysteria). Most of them just meandered about in the Atlantic and never made landfall. The net effect with all the hurricane and tropical storm activity is a much cooler Gulf Stream.

    Cuomo also scotched new natural gas pipelines into NYC. Sections of NYC have deteriorated gas lines and leaks abound. Wait for the Ka-Boom !!

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