COP 26 Will Be Another Failure. Self-Inflicted At That

It is already clear, before Cop26 has begun, that the gap between climate ambition and action won’t be closed in Glasgow.”

That comment comes from the posting by Climate Home News a committed alarmist supporter. The posting continues:

“If countries meet their 2030 emission targets in full, global heating could be limited to 2.6-2.7C this century, according to the UN Emissions Gap report. Collective ambition needs to be seven times higher to align with the most ambitious 1.5C goal of the Paris Agreement.

So the UK Cop26 presidency is considering a proposal for the final Glasgow outcome to demand another round of updated nationally determined contributions (NDCs) by 2023.”

Pakistan’s climate minster voices the emerging economies resistance to the new round of nationally determined contributions, when he says:

“This talk of another round of [climate plans] will just feed into the hot air which is already plenty in the Cop process,” 

“The huge gap between what is already in the NDCs and what is actually being implemented needs to be plugged instead of another round of updating NDCs. Let’s talk climate action and not bureaucratic and endless updating of meaningless NDCs.”

What the emerging nations want is the money that the Paris Agreement committed the developed nations to supply. This is the response from those wealthy nations:

“On Monday wealthy nations announced that they won’t meet a long-overdue commitment to mobilise $100bn a year between 2020 and 2025 before 2023 –providing developing countries with no means or incentives to up their targets.”

And Indonesia echoes the other developing nations:

“But for Esther Tamara, a researcher at the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia, the lack of finance for developing countries will be “a huge stumbling block” to agree to more climate efforts”

“Like Pakistan and Indonesia, India is a member of a group of “like-minded” developing countries that emphasises the historic responsibility of rich countries to cut emissions deeper and faster. In a statement last week, the group accused the Cop26 host of going “against climate justice” by calling on all to set mid century net zero targets.

The Alarmists are fully responsible for this squabble. For years now, it has been clear that the climate models used to predict the future global temperatures are rigged to give “alarmingly high” and erroneous temperatures. Their objective has been to scare the general population. Unfortunately, with the help of the mainstream media, they have been very successful.

Rational scientists, also including formerly alarmist know that the temperatures will not rise to those levels and if they do get to 2C it will probably be a non-event.

The alarmists are putting the developed nations in peril. These nations will be weakened by turning their industry and populations power sources to wind and solar, so-called renewables. These sources should be labeled “unreliables” rather than renewables. Politicians are up for this transition to wind and solar because they want political power. The money people–banks, investment firms, etc –see crony capitalism profits, at least for a while before our nation collapses. Examine the goals of The Great Reset to see what I am talking about.

China is cheering this fantasy. They pretend they are going to stop using fossil fuel, but don’t let them fool you. The Western nations collapse, and China achieves its plan of becoming Masters to the world.

The problems that have been created by the alarmists are way beyond most people’s imagination.


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  1. Richard Waughtal

    Thanks, Chuck for keeping me in the Loop, so to speak.

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