Videos of the Heartland Conference on Climate Change Held in Las Vegas

I attended “The Heartland 14th International Conference on Climate Change” held in Las Vegas on 15, 16 and 17 October 2021.  It is the third Heartland meeting on climate change I have attended.  And while the other two were excellent, this one was better.

I had been waiting for the videos of the sessions to be published before making comments. They are now available.

On Friday night, 15 October, the conference began.  The link that follows was a recording of the presentations that night.

The Frederick Seitz Memorial Award was presented to David Legates, Ph.D.  David, a friend of mine, has made enormous contributions to the science of climate change.  Some years ago, the new Governor of Delaware learned that David, a skeptic, was the State Climatologist, so she fired him.  Hardly anyone will remember the former Governor, but David has distinguished himself and he will be the Delawarean that people will remember.

His acceptance of the Seitz award and his speech begins at 15 minutes on the video.

Videos – Friday Opening Keynote, 10/15/21 – Heartland’s 14th International Conference on Climate Change. | Heartland Institute

This video contains two more presentations.  One by Anthony Watts regarding a teacher’s manual that provides our side of the theory.  Some 300,000 have been sent out to teachers.  His presentation begins at 49minutes of the video.

Following that at about 59 minutes on the video is a presentation by Justin Haskins “Climate and the Great Reset”.  THIS CONTAINS AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE.  Please listen.

You can find all the other sessions by working away from this link. 

I will have comments on some of the sessions in upcoming blogs.


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