I leave tomorrow for Las Vegas to participate in the Heartland Conference on Climate Change. This is my 3rd Heartland conference. They are really very good. Looking forward to seeing most of the big time skeptics.



  1. Have a great time! Jamie.

  2. Hi CB,

    Hopefully I will be able to send this replay and that you will reply, for I would like to drive down to meet you, A BIG TIME SKEPTIC!!!

    But you will have to reply that you can find time to have an ‘extended’ conversation with me.

    Have a good day, Jerry Krause

    • Jerry Sorry, I did not open my stats account until today. And I didn’t follow my mail or anything during that period. Did talk with my wife and daughter via “messages”. Oddly, T-mobile does not seem to cover Las Vegas. I got on to a roaming link, but it started ringing up roaming charges. So I switched it off.
      You should consider going to these. I know that the tenor of the group leaders is that CO2 is a GHG and it has an effect on temperature. That might be off-putting for you but the concensus is that CO2 is a has been. No longer a significant player in global warming. I felt like some of my blogs were being replayed by the speakers. But I bet that was the case for other bloggers, many of which are much more active than I these days.
      I have been fortunate to have connected with a very nice couple from Seattle over these years. We have done 3 Heartland meeting together.
      I am an acquaintance with only one of the major contributors to the science. David Legates. I used to connect with him at the U of Delaware. He was always helpful. The other speakers are very easy to meet and to talk to, except for one, who I shall not name–others have had the same experience that I have–he does not want to spend time with you. David introduced me to him at the first meeting I attended. The guy hardly acknowledged that I was standing in front of him. So Legates and I moved on.

      Well maybe next time.


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