Paris Agreement As Viewed By Alarmist Postings.

Climate Home News is a publication that believes we are doomed unless we achieve net carbon zero as promoted by the Paris Agreement.   They are disappointed by the reluctance of some of the developed nations to actually comply with drastic reductions in fossil fuel emissions of CO2.  And two nations that are not “developed” nations, those being China and India are not into reductions either.  From Climate Home News recent email message to me, they give voice to their dilemma. The following are a few of their recent postings:

    They believed China was going to get religion and begin backing off from     fossil fuels, particularly Coal.  It did not happen.

China was expected to use Covid-19 cutbacks as a step to reduce use of fossil fuels.  Surprise the Chinese once again fooled the fools that believe Chinese environmental promises.

      Survey says Russian pipelines are leaking more methane than had    been previously believed to be the case.

French climate bill set for rocky ride after citizens’ assembly slams weak ambition

French climate bill is too weak for the warmers.  They cite some of the alarmist groups that are protesting the bill.

Oh my, the Japanese are building new coal plants and neither the US or Japan have a plan to phase out coal.  The Germans have a plan. They are planning on using coal until 2038.

A bonus entry by cbdakota that was not included in the recent Climate Home News postings.

Did you hear that the Russians blocked a UN plan to declare global warming a global emergency?    UN Security Council hears of climate threat, does nothing – POLITICO

2 responses to “Paris Agreement As Viewed By Alarmist Postings.

  1. Hi Chuck,

    Have you considered that the Chinese gov. agrees that the observed fact that the measured air temperature has never been lower than the air’s dew point temperature measured at the same place and time proves that the theory known as the greenhouse effect of atmospheric carbon dioxide and other similar gases is absolutely wrong. Hence, there is no environmental reason to stop burning coal (and any other fossil fuels) for that reason.

    But to keep this understanding a secret is to their economic advantage as they compete with the other nations of the world who are too dumb to see this foundational fact about what we term SCIENCE.

    Have a good day, Jerry

    • Jerry, you might be right. But what ever their belief is, be it dew point or PV=rT or C02, they do know that the lemmings are going to commit suicide trying to stop what the lemmings can’t stop. Then they will not have to go to war to be dominant.

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