The Paris Agreement Augments China’s Global Ambitions.

I am forwarding a posting by RealClear Energy titled “China’s Green NGO Climate Propaganda Enablers” with the following subtitle:
“Climate change is a national security threat – but not in the way the national security elite assumes.”

A quote from with in this posting sums up China’s objectives.
“China is a great power using global warming to advance its geopolitical interests. Unlike the Soviet Union’s sclerotic economy, China’s is far from a state of collapse. Indeed, China is likely to be the only major economy to emerge larger at the end of 2020 than at the beginning. For China, climate change offers a strategic opportunity. Decarbonizing the rest of the world makes China’s economy stronger – it weakens its rivals’ economies, reduces the cost of energy for its hydrocarbon-hungry economy, and sinks energy-poor India as a potential Indo-Pacific rival.”

By Rupert Darwall
December 21, 2020

Shortly before the Soviet Union collapsed, Greenpeace opened an office in Moscow. It enjoyed the patronage of a leading member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences and enjoyed Kremlin funding, laundered through a state-owned record company. The green activist group made clear that it would have nothing to do with environmental groups in the Baltic republics. Recycling standard Soviet propaganda, Greenpeace denounced them as little more than separatist organizations.

This was by no means a one-off. The inconvenient truth: the environmental movement fought on the wrong side of the Cold War. In the early 1980s, it used the “nuclear winter” scare to try to stop Ronald Reagan’s nuclear build-up and undermine the West’s ability to negotiate the arms agreement that effectively ended the Cold War. It turns out that nuclear winter had been concocted by the KGB and transmitted to America by executives of the Rockefeller Family Fund. A nuclear winter conference held in 1983 was supported by 31 environmental groups, including the Environmental Defense Fund, Friends of the Earth, and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

This pattern, wherein the West’s enemies use the environmental movement – whether NGOs like Greenpeace, foundations, or “concerned scientists,” to undermine Western interests – is now being repeated, this time in respect to China. A report by Patricia Adams for the London-based Global Warming Policy Foundation released earlier this month lays bare the role of the green movement in acting as China’s propagandists.

5 responses to “The Paris Agreement Augments China’s Global Ambitions.

  1. This is an experiment

  2. Hi CD,

    It seems I can now comment to your posts.

    I believe that China’s government knows it has a population problem. It has to furnish work for its billions of people.and food for them ultimately there might be a rebellion.

    I was in China for only three days (mainland near Hong Kong and Hong Kong itself) and my wife says I cannot claim I know anything about what is going on there.

    But I know China has invested a huge of amount of money in infrastructure and providing parks and beautiful terminals for their trains and ferries. Which projects obviously provided employment for their people and well as something to be proud of. I maybe saw one ‘homeless’ person and in Canton, which isn’t named Canton, any more I saw centuries old tiled (small pieces) wide sidewalks or streets which I consider looked the same when the work was done centuries ago. This people have a culture that they can be proud of. Yes, they know that they better behave or they will be gone. But even though my daughter who lived there for 3 years reports they do not smile a lot. I still conclude the ones I saw were basically happy.

    And relative to the Paris Climate Agreement I know that the Chinese government is ignoring it as they build coal fired power plants for themselves and their neighboring little nations. For they maybe know what I absolutely do know: Which there is no greenhouse effect of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Which I have not be able to help the founders of PSI see. Which is that atmosphere’s temperature as measured 1.5 above the earth’s surface cannot never be 33C below that being measure for the atmospheric temperature measure anywhere and any time has never be less than the measured atmosphere’s dew point temperature measure at the same place and time.

    Have a great new year, Jerry

  3. I know why I have problems. I do not known what I am to do or doing.

    • I occasionally spend time reading your comments on Principia Scientific. You seemed to hold your own, so I think you know what you are doing.

      Thinking about your comments about going to China.
      I consulted internationally. Europe, South America, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore and China. The Asian languages are a barrier for me and the trips were very long. Australian trips were even longer but no language problem. My one trip to China was the hardest. Plants close to start up in Shanghai and a city about 2 hours away were my destinations. I would check in to the hotel, and ask for a card with the hotel address in Chinese.–and when I would go out, I would ask for the address of the place I was going written in Chinese. The scenes I retain most in my head were the mass of people walking down the highway on their way to work. The Shanghai driver I had honked this horn almost constantly. He said if he ran into one of the many on the road and he had honked his horn the fault would be the pedestrians.
      My work began to shift from Europe to the Asia and that made me decide to retire.

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