“Solar Minimum Is Coming” Video

Solar Cycle 24 is on its way to a “minimum” .  That Minimum will probably be in late 2019 or early 2020.  The video  illustrates several issues that are newsworthy.

  • Global Temperature measurements made by satellites are often consider the “gold standard”.  Two organizations make and report their interpretation of these measurements.  The UAH and RSS organizations have typically reported very nearly the same temperatures but separation of the values occurred with RSS now giving higher readings.  A major part of the separation is based how to  correct for the drag that these satellites encounter as the circle above the Earth.
  • And a small point. When the narrator says that Cycle 24 Sunspots were “relatively high”  he is comparing the Sunspot  level now.  However, it might cause some people to think that he means as opposed to other Solar Cycles–which by and large is not true.



One response to ““Solar Minimum Is Coming” Video

  1. Michael Satterfield

    The data I see, if extrapolated, indicates solar minimum is going to happen sometimes in 2018, a full 1 to 1.5 years early. We’re already at 82 days of zero spots as of today (11-20-17). I see that going to 200+ days in 2018.

    I have also read that cycle 25 may not appear and we will lose sun spots for several decades. If that happens, it’s going to get very cold here on earth as it did during the Maunder Minimum.

    That temperature drop in March is a prelude of what is to come if we lose spots for decades!

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