How Energy And The Paris Agreement Fit In President Trump’s Plans To Make The US Economically Strong Again

A posting by sundance titled “Angela Merkel Reflects Fear And Loathing Amid EU Elites…”.  I believe provides an important perspective on the President Trump’s America First Strategy.  I have focused on Energy and the Paris

Agreement, but Trump’s strategy, as laid out by the author, sundance, is more that those two items.  It really is a plan to make the US economically strong again.

President Trump has put a jaw-dropping U.S. energy platform solidly into place.  You can learn more about them HERE and HERE.  The announcements last week are tectonic in consequence though seemingly lost amid the chafe of media reporting over twitter spats.

Everything President Trump’s team does is connected to a bigger, much bigger, picture than most people are paying attention to.  However, those who control the levers of multinational power are paying very close attention.

At it’s core and central elements ‘America-First’ is about prosperity and national security through the utilization of leveraged economic power.   For four decades, as he built out his empire of holdings, every-single-day at every-single-opportunity, Donald Trump voiced vociferous frustration that politicians were allowing the U.S. to be controlled, lessened, weakened and robbed by multinational economic interests.

In Trump’s mind, failure in his goal to reestablish American economic power, economic strength and economic dominance is no more an option than a mother failing to grasp the hand of her child walking amid edge of a sheer cliff.  It just is. It will be. There is no alternative. Period.

While the rest of the chattering class have overlooked it, President Trump, Rick Perry, Steven Mnuchin, Wilbur Ross, Robert Lighthizer, Ryan Zinke and Scott Pruitt have already moved America passed “energy independence”.

Stop.  Realize what that sentence says.

America has already passed the goal of “energy independence”.

We are now beyond the previously optimistic goal of energy independence.  It’s only been 5 months.

We ran past the goal of energy independence so fast, that no-body seemingly noticed it.   

Now, just stop for a moment and contemplate this.

Our national GDP has always been based on the fact we create energy products (oil, gas, coal, renewable etc.), but we have also needed to import energy (traditionally oil).  The import aspect reduces the overall economic value of a fully functional GDP.  We shipped dollars overseas to pay for energy.  Those dollars come from your pocket (gas prices mostly).

The national security angle of this entire issue is transparent, ie. war for oil etc., and we have always been hostage to OPEC pricing, regardless of which political ideology was in power and the relationship therein.  In short we’ve always been a customer.  No-more.

Dakota Access is approved.  Keystone is approved.  Multiple new coastal oil refineries are coming on line (Louisiana, Texas), and we are exporting fuel and LNG (Liquified Natural Gas).   Light-Sweet Crude is stable at low market value, and U.S. gas prices are at their lowest point in decades with even lower prices yet to come.  Oh, and the coal business, driven mostly by export, is up over 7% in less than 3 months.

Mexico’s entire energy sector is roughly $28 billion.  Mexico’s reliance on monetary wire transfers of U.S. dollars by individuals (non business) is roughly $29 billion.  Wilbur Ross, Robert Lightizer confront the former, while Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin controls guardianship of regulations on the latter.

President Trump was very smart about the long-term ramifications to the ‘Paris treaty’.  The heavily influenced industrialized nations committed themselves to this agreement and anchored their economic manufacturing base within a tiered system of ridiculously burdensome regulations and agreements.

India, China and S.E.A.N.  (Southeast Asian Nations) were essentially exempt from the worst economic energy restrictions within the treaty.

The strategic benefit to the United States stems from not participating in the regulatory stranglehold that accompanies the agreement. Obviously all nations that compete with the U.S on international trade agreements would, for once, be at a disadvantage; and we have just made energy an export commodity within the trade equation.

This is in addition to American manufacturing and our industrial base now being able to take strategic advantage.  In larger terms Trump’s refocused policy objectives remove the political benefit from Wall Street and places it back with Main Street, reversing a three decade long shift. This approach is adverse to the interests of the globalists.

President Trump’s economic team are well aware of the strategic advantage is walking away from the Paris Climate Treaty. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and their entire economic team know what is needed to reverse the decades long construct and defeat the interests of the global elites.

The primary concern for every multinational corporation and multinational band surrounds economics, not climate.  “Climate” issues were/are the Trojan horse, the false ruse, the talking point, the scheme to get economic systems in place -yes, political systems- to control the distributive flow of larger economic wealth within all nations.  Period.

What ObamaCare was to our loss of healthcare individualism, so too was the Paris Treaty a political tool to deconstruct America’s national economic individualism.  FULL-STOP.

 The author, sundance,  discuss NAFTA,   reversal of Obama’s Cuban Policies, and how Trump’s policies stop the Global Governance group in his posting.  I have lifted mainly energy and Paris Agreement discussion for my posting.  But I think reading the authors entire essay is important because it ties together Trump’s overall strategy.   It is impressive.


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