Paris Agreement Doomed By Projected Coal Based Power Plants

The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) posted “Forget Paris—1600 New Coal Power Plants Built Around The World.”  The GWPF provides the chart below that focuses on Europe, Asia and Africa using data from Coal





As you can see, China already has 2,363 coal based plants and expects to have 1,171more.  It comes as no surprise that China and India are major users of coal based power currently and they will be the major builders in the future.  No other country is even close.  It is illustrative to see that European nations are forecast to be increasing coal based capacity, not reducing it as their none too subtle “holier than thou” attitude would suggest.

 The Coal Exit organization is opposed to any coal based capacity.   They are headlining this information: “Companies Building Coal Plants must be Divested”.

“New coal-fired power plants are going to harm the climate for decades to come. This would push the world into a climate collapse. Altogether, about 850 new coal plants are in planning in 62 countries (see map below). This is happening against the resistance of the local population. Banks, investors and insurance companies are driving the aggressive coal expansion by providing loans and financial support.

Urgewald has identified the 120 companies, which are driving the biggest and most dangerous new coal power plants. This list of 120 companies is a future-oriented, forward-looking divestment tool. It enables investors to pull out their money from the companies on a coal expansion course. Implementing this unique tool gives investors the chance to meet their responsibility for a coal-” free future.”

They highlight their posting with these “take-homes”:

  • 840,000MW coal capacity Worldwide.
  • That is 1600 power plants at 850 locations
  • New coal plant projects are planned in 14 Countries that do not use coal power now.

The GWPF then reviews the New York Times posting that reacts to all these new coal plants titled “As Beijing Joins Climate Fight, Chinese Companies Build Coal Plants.”

As if the Chinese Companies could build these coal plants if Beijing did not let them.  Come on, is the New York Times (NYT) that delusional?

From the NYT posting we get:

“When China halted plans for more than 100 new coal-fired power plants this year, even as President Trump vowed to “bring back coal” in America, the contrast seemed to confirm Beijing’s new role as a leader in the fight against climate change.”

That comment is confirmation bias in a big way. NYT wants the Chinese to be the new “leader in the fight against climate change.”   So, no matter of how irrational it is to have believed the Chinese, they did it anyway.  That kind of bias prevails among the Warmers.  For example, the  Warmer’s computer based temperature forecasts are way off the real actual measured temperatures. You know what, they think the computer is right and the measured temperatures are wrong.

More from the NYT:

“The fleet of new coal plants would make it virtually impossible to meet the goals set in the Paris climate accord, which aims to keep the increase in global temperatures from preindustrial levels below 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Electricity generated from fossil fuels like coal is the biggest single contributor globally to the rise in carbon emissions, which scientists agree is causing the Earth’s temperatures to rise.”

This has always been the reality.  Nations were not going to stop providing the least costly energy to their people. Politicians are willing to believe anything if they think it will increase government control. Sooner or later, taking the path of eliminating fossil fuels and attempting to use unreliable and costly wind and solar energy would become obviously a big mistake.  They would flop over to the other side as quickly as possible to attempt to not get voted out to office.

And finally, the NYT had to take a shot at President Trump.

“The United States may also be back in the game. On Thursday, Mr. Trump said he wanted to lift Obama-era restrictions on American financing for overseas coal projects as part of an energy policy focused on exports.

“We have nearly 100 years’ worth of natural gas and more than 250 years’ worth of clean, beautiful coal,” he said. “We will be dominant. We will export American energy all over the world, all around the globe.”

Actually, the preceding illustrates that Trump was right in dumping the Paris agreement and the NYT was wrong.


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