Media Ignorance Concerning The Paris Agreement

The ignorance shown by the media regarding the Paris Agreement leads me to wonder is it incompetence of just out-right lies.  The primary argument often is, quoting the editorial in the local newspaper, “By breaking ranks with nearly 200 nations, the United States joins only Syria (which is riven by civil war) and Nicaragua ….”  More on this paragraph below, but first about the 200 nations.  According to the Paris Agreement’s Green Climate Fund, the majority of the almost 200 nations are to be given money from this fund.  As of May 2017, 41 nations have contributed or have pledged money to this fund. Reviewing the data, we find that of the 41 nations, 22 of them are in for $10 million or less, 6 are in for $100 million or less, 7 are in for $500 million or less, 1 is in for $750million or less and 5 are in for more than $1billion with the US the major player at $3 billion. Beginning 2020,  the Green Climate Fund will require that the donor nations provide a total of  $100 billion per year! So what has been given so far is chump change.

Well, what do the other 160 nations have to lose by not joining?  Free money is what they will lose if they don’t sign up.  In fact, only about 13 countries are contributing any serious money. The nearly “200 nations” is a bogus issue.

China is one of the recipients of this give-away program. Yes, China as well as the third largest CO2 emitter, India. China is currently the largest CO2 emitter in the world. The Paris Agreement says it is permissible for Chinese to continue building its coal based power plants until 2030.  By that time their emissions of CO2 are estimated to be 3 times the size of the US emission.  It is easy to know if people writing this stuff know anything. Here is the test: you surely have heard by now from the media that our backing out will turn the leadership of the Paris Agreement over to China.  The China that has no curb on emissions until 2030 at which time it will be 3X the US are the exemplar, the leader, the moral authority?  Whoever tells you that does not know what’s going on.  Ignore them.

Further, the editorial says” The Trump administration’s actions abdicates American moral leadership and makes it easier for other nations to renege on their own pledges to curb greenhouse-gas emissions.”  I guess you could be saying, unless the US pays for the program, the others are really not serious about the “threat” of catastrophic man-made global warming.

You have to wonder.  Germany’s Angela Merkel is lecturing us.  That’s just a bit hypocritical.  Germany’s CO2 emissions are increasing at the same time the US emissions are going down. And her program to install windmills and solar cells and shutdown nuclear plants has raised the price of German electricity price to 2 times that of the US. Germany is installing coal based plants to replace the non-CO2 emitting nuclear plants. Go figure!

As the Editorial notes, market forces have contributed to the reduction of US emissions.  But that is not something Ex-President Obama or the environmentalist can take any credit for.  The advent of fracked natural gas availability has been the reason for the reduction. Both the Obama Administration and the Environmentalist fought the development of the fracking industry.  And all those geniuses in the European nations are not implementing this oil and gas producing innovation but are living dangerously by being supplied by Russia. If Russia turns off the natural gas valve; Europe goes dark.  Besides the European nations cited as experts that say Trump was wrong, the editorial also bring in the Pope, and Trump’s daughter and son-in-law as experts while denigrating the EPA secretary as a worthy.  Another,  go figure!

I am not a fan of the warmer’s climate models as they consistently overstate the future rise in temperature. Even so, those models say if the US pulls out, the result will be a 0.3° C increase in temperature by 2100. That is almost an unmeasurable amount.   And because those models always overstate it, the real rise might be 0.1°C or less.

This blog has hammered away on the fact that actual data does not support the catastrophic man-made global warming theory.  Further, this blog has often shown the near impossibility of the Paris Agreement reaching its goals.    

The Paris Agreement will fail with or without the US in it.


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