Trump Ignores Gore And DiCaprio Advice

Several days ago, on one of the mainstream media TV programs,  two taking heads could not understand how President Elect Donald Trump could appoint a man, who is a skeptic,  to be the EPA head. How, they said, could Trump do this when both Al Gore and Leonardo Di Caprio had just talked to him.  How monumentally ignorant do you have to be to think that those two really know much about climate?

Gore said in his “Inconvenient Truth (Nobel Peace Prize winner, which also tells you how ignorant the Judges are too.) presentation while showing ice core CO2 and temperature data relationship,   that the most important part of the relationship is that “where there is more CO2, the temperature gets warmer.”

Gore did not know he was incorrectly reading the ice core chart which actually show that temperature rises and CO2 levels follow.  And when temperature falls, so does the atmospheric CO2 levels.  See  these posting for more on the ice cores data     here   here  and here.

The following excerpt from the “Great Global Warming Swindle” video,  shows Gore misinterpreting the data.

The entire Great Global Warming Swindle video follows this on YouTube if you wish to watch it.  Its worth your time.

So Gore’s most important inconvenient truth was not factual.



One response to “Trump Ignores Gore And DiCaprio Advice

  1. Chuck: Thank you one more time. We are not experiencing global here today at least. We woke up to 7degree F this AM. What ever that means. What I do know is that it is cold outside and the fireplace is burning, and its warm in the house. Ed

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